7 Things Every Female Expat in Southeast Asia Says

Every expat man that lives in Southeast Asia has encountered a female expat. You have probably heard, or read, a fempat say one of these lines. That’s not an exaggeration either. They actually say this stuff in real life (except the last one… maybe).

There is some commentary under each line.

“She doesn’t love you. She only wants you for your money.”

Exactly. This is what happens when the government doesn’t steal money from men at gunpoint (via taxes, child support) and gives it to women to be stupid. Asian women actually have to find a man that will provide for them. Otherwise they’ll be super poor, have to work some shitty job, and have their dad yell at them for not finding a husband.

Plus, women can’t experience love. Love/romance is a male concept. Asian women do a better job than western women at faking it since the alternative is worse.

And even if she is a golddigger… who cares?

The guy is still banging a hot woman instead of some fat ho. He’s probably paying her less money too.

Oh wait, white chicks care. And trust me, they give 0 fucks if she’s ripping you off. Nor do they care about your well-being.

They’re just jealous that they aren’t getting any male attention.

Note: Everything on this list is caused by women feeling envious.

“She’s too submissive.”

No shit Miss Piggy, that’s 99% of the reason I’m dating her and not you.

Women are terrible detectives. They’re terrible at everything other than having babies. And they probably suck at that too, but they got a biologically enforced monopoly on it.

There is no such thing as a woman that is too submissive btw.

“She’s too skinny/small.”

No. She’s a perfectly healthy weight. A 5’00” tall woman should not weigh more than ~50kg.

100% of women that say this line are fat. Healthy weight women have enough sense to not say this.

“She doesn’t even speak English.”

Most expat guys date women that speak English OR the guy speaks Vietnamese. But it doesn’t really matter if they don’t speak a mutual language…

Google Translate.

I’ve been on multiple Google Translate dates. They weren’t THAT bad.

Also, I love my dog and he doesn’t even speak English. It’s not like men can emotionally bond with women anyway. Just not possible.

You have better odds of emotionally bonding with a coconut.

“Why am I single?”

Jeez. You weigh 100kg, have short hair, and are annoying. You don’t even give blowjobs.

That might work in America. But you’re competing against attractive 45kg women that will do ANYTHING.


I wonder why you’re single?

“All the expat guys are awful.”




Keep telling yourself that, Miss Piggy. We know you get wet thinking of us.

You just suck at being a woman (read: being sexually attractive/fertile) and literally everyone ignores you. Sucking doesn’t work when you’re competing with an army of skinny 7/10 Asian women.

You’re invisible to us.

I know it’s easier to blame men instead of actually improving yourself. Remember guys, women can never take responsibility for anything because they have no agency.

“Your kids won’t have blue eyes.”

Yes they will. At least if you follow my in vitro fertilization method.

There is literally no reason to marry the average feminist white woman. That blue eyed thing was the only thing they had over (some of) us and they don’t even have that anymore.

We can just take their eggs and put them in an Asian woman that hasn’t been “liberated.”

The best of both worlds.

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