7 Things Every Female Expat in Southeast Asia Says

Every expat man that lives in Southeast Asia has encountered a female expat. You have probably heard, or read, a fempat say one of these lines. That’s not an exaggeration either. They actually say this stuff in real life (except the last one… maybe).

There is some commentary under each line.

“She doesn’t love you. She only wants you for your money.”

Exactly. This is what happens when the government doesn’t steal money from men at gunpoint (via taxes, child support) and gives it to women to be stupid. Asian women actually have to find a man that will provide for them. Otherwise, they’ll be super poor, have to work some shitty job, and have their dad yell at them for not finding a husband.

Plus, women can’t experience love. Love/romance is a male concept. Asian women do a better job than western women at faking it since the alternative is worse.

And even if she is a golddigger… who cares?

The guy is still banging a hot woman instead of some fat ho. He’s probably paying her less money, too.

Oh wait, white chicks care. And trust me, white chicks give 0 fucks if she’s ripping you off. Nor do they care about your well-being.

They’re just jealous that they aren’t getting any male attention.

Note: Everything on this list is caused by jealousy.

“She’s too submissive.”

No shit Miss Piggy, that’s 99% of the reason I’m dating her and not you.

Women are terrible detectives. They’re terrible at everything other than having babies. And they probably suck at that, but they got a biologically enforced monopoly on it.

There is no such thing as a woman that is too submissive btw.

“She’s too skinny/small.”

No. She’s a perfectly healthy weight. A 5’00” tall woman should not weigh more than ~50kg.

100% of women that say this line are fat. Healthy weight women have enough sense to not say this.

“She doesn’t even speak English.”

Most expat guys date women that speak English OR the guy speaks Vietnamese. But it doesn’t really matter if they don’t speak a mutual language…

Google Translate.

I’ve been on multiple Google Translate dates. They weren’t THAT bad.

Also, I love my dog and he doesn’t even speak English. It’s not like men can emotionally bond with women anyway. Just not possible.

You have better odds of emotionally bonding with a coconut.

“Why am I single?”

Jeez. You weigh 100kg, have short hair, and are annoying. You don’t even give blowjobs.

That might work in America. But you’re competing against attractive 45kg women that will do ANYTHING.


I wonder why you’re single?

“All the expat guys are awful.”




Keep telling yourself that, Miss Piggy. We know you get wet thinking of us.

You just suck at being a woman (read: being sexually attractive/fertile) and literally everyone ignores you. Sucking doesn’t work when you’re competing with an army of skinny 7/10 Asian women.

You’re invisible to us.

I know it’s easier to blame men instead of actually improving yourself. Remember guys, women can never take responsibility for anything because they have no agency.

“Your kids won’t have blue eyes.”

Yes they will. At least if you follow my in vitro fertilization method.

There is literally no reason to marry the average feminist white woman. That blue eyed thing was the only thing they had over (some of) us and they don’t even have that anymore.

We can just take their eggs and put them in an Asian woman that hasn’t been “liberated.”

The best of both worlds.

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  1. All absolutely true.
    I’m a young and decent looking guy and while, I had no problem dating westerners (my first 5 long term girlfriends were all white and western), I soon realised what I was missing when I moved to Thailand several years ago.

    After a stint back in the UK, I knew I had to leave. A cold, miserable country full of fat, loudmouth, blue haired, tattood laddettes who wanted a man who was good looking, well dressed, had a high paying job, owned his own house and fast car, was popular, charming, funny and romantic while all they have to offer is a triple chin and someone else’s kids.

    Came back to Asia again 2 years ago and never looked back. There’s definitely some jaded, bitter fempats here who fit all the above descriptions perfectly. They just hate the fact that suddenly they’re no longer at the top of the social podium having guys fighting tooth and nail for them and can’t stand seeing men happy.

    The best thing is seeing how the true bitter, racist attitude comes out of these “open minded, tolerant feminists” when they see western guys with beautiful Asian girls instead of looking at them. They quickly lose their fake tolerant values and hypocrisy takes over. It’s brilliant seeing these fempats collapse into themselves and the true colours of saltiness pour out.

  2. I don’t get why everyone is acting like this is awful. There were news reports, not even a year or two ago, that women from all over the West were travelling to Jamaica solely to have sex with as many men there as possible… no relationship, no love, just sex. Stop pretending it’s just this guy doing this… you all are… at least he’s honest.
    Next, based on the obesity epidemic in, at least the United States, chances are you’re a fat woman… playing the numbers, it’s usually a safe bet that you can assume most are overweight. Don’t like it? Lose some weight!
    Lastly, this guy has a list of what he’s looking for… let’s not pretend you women aren’t doing that same exact thing. Five minutes on any dating app will clearly make you a liar. Women make songs about men not having the right job/car and being scrubs and not worth the time. So again… stop being a hypocrite. Everything this guy is saying/claiming, men and women, are doing the EXACT same thing!

  3. South-East Asian girls are beautiful,feminine and sweet natured everything that Western women are not.In the West men are women and women are men it’s a total role reversal,Western women just bark orders at some emasculated beta who thinks he’s doing great as he has this fat,drunk,tattooed,bingo-winged,loud-mouthed Western Hoona because he just doesn’t know any better!
    There’s even a preface in the Lonely Planet guide to Thailand about Farang/foreign women,it says local’s call them the ‘Golden Bowl’ or Phan Thong in Thai.It explains how they all become bitter and twisted alcoholics as they have no power over men in South-East Asia and can’t compete with local girls,they are literally invisible the moment they step off the plane Farang/foreign men don’t want them and local men are literally repulsed by them!
    The only come back Western women have is that we ‘can’t get a girlfriend back home’ but why would anyone want to,once you’ve dated a beautiful,sweet natured Asian girl there’s no going back to a morbidly obese bloke with boobs is there?
    Men are still a commodity and treasured in South-East Asia plus the local men are spoilt having grown up around beautiful women,many of them drink,gamble,cheat and hit these girls so quite a lot of them do prefer foreigners for boyfriends and husbands.
    In Thailand a ‘Mia Farang’ or foreigner’s wife is a proud boast,as she will generally have a better lifestyle and quality of life than her peers.
    Just my thoughts I await the horde of Feminazis descending on me now,after ten years of living in Thailand,Philippines and Cambodia I have to say that Western women absolutely disgust me now like the local men are repulsed by them.
    If I never meet or speak to another one of these revolting,entitled fatties ever again it will still be way too soon for me.I see Western men streaming into places like Udon Thani,Isaan,North-East Thailand desperately in search of decent girlfriend or wife material and it will only get worse.
    Western fatties absolutely hate it when they see a Western guy totally and blissfully happy with a beautiful South-East Asian girlfriend or even wife with kids now why is that?
    They are just bitter,twisted and truly nasty pieces of work each and every one of them that’s why!
    Chok dii khrab/good luck in Thai.

  4. I am a Vietnamese guy. I can tell that you said right to almost everything.
    You are a very smart man with excellent observation.

  5. It feels like white guys arent wanted in Asia any more. Thailand immigration is cracking down hard on Digital Nomads now. And in VN, look what happens. Crazy women post all your personal info on a FB group, spreading lies and hate about you. And here they call the blogger a LBH (loser back home – did they invent this ridiculous term for Neo?!)

    After all, we paid money to even buy a visa to come to the country. Then pay (usually) more rent than any local would ever pay. Eat at overpriced restaurants and support the local economy. And if you do the same thing that girls do (date around), this is what you get.

    1. It’s a small minority of crazy women causing all these problems. I’ll be blunt, a well put together white man will always be at the top of the foreigner sexual marketplace. If a girl dates foreigners, then a white guy will be her #1 option. Always.

      Don’t think LBH was invented for me. That’d be pretty cool if it was though.

  6. And if my original comment gets approved by your moderator (his mom) I’ll eagerly await your reply you cuck. Byeeeeeeeee

  7. This poor guy simply does this for attention. I feel so sorry for him. You can tell by the way he writes. His parents should see how he is now. What a complete loser.

    1. everything I write is true. Literally no one has done a point-by-point rebuttal using logic and reason… because you can’t.

      You can call me a loser or attention whore, but it doesn’t mean you’re right.

      1. This is clear revelation that you don’t plan to marry a woman. Everything you write is true? According to you, right? With the kind of verbal abuse you render them, it doesn’t matter what skin color you’re going to end up with.
        You will still be a self-righteous masochist nevertheless. Again, try sharing your views with your own mom, Neo. Let’s see what she says.

      2. Logic and reason? This coming from a grown man that HAD TO LEAVE AMERICA to find women cause he couldn’t cut it? Like why didn’t you go to Europe or a westernized country? It’s because the only option you had was using your physical aesthetics of being white or your nationality as American to go to one of the poorest places to play Captain-save-a-woman. If you had logic you’d even admit that what you’re doing isn’t original like at all. So how does one rebut a man who acts like a child, wants facts to his anecdotal experiences? You’re so uninformed about life that you should remain in Vietnam but you can’t cause every day it’s more lames pouring into Vietnam in search of the same shit you are and that field is drying up for the mediocre talent. Byeeeee

        I’ll await your mom to review my other posts …oops I meant the moderator

        Still waiting on your replies cause I’ll be here all day you cuck

        1. I was asleep, the nice part about working online is I can sleep in, and didn’t see the comments. Calm the fuck down.

          1. You’re wake now so again you cuck I’ll await your reply and no one gives a fuck about you sleeping are working online. I’m here to see how far you can defend your blog and if you’re already using excuses of being sleep then just take the L and keep working online like duh it’s a reason you are online cause you’re the type to shoot up an office over a woman’s rejection you cuck.

          2. If my writing style is that of a crazy person, then what would you call the writing styles of a mid 20’s White incel/cuck male who left his home country to go work online in another country to get women? Like if my writing style is crazy then what is yours?
            Funny the shortness of your replies. You posted all these unfounded accusations about women yet when confronted with how ignorant you sound all you could conjure up was “Fag**** and crazy”. Like take the L. Ill be the “crazy” writing “F word” if you admit to being the gross, privileged, creepy, entitled white male who couldn’t work or get women back home due to fellow employees complaining of the stench of coward in the air at the office when you arrived to work. You had so much more to say in your “I wish I had confidence to talk women”- blog post and now I’m getting crumbs..what’s wrong? Cuck’s got your tongue? 👅

          3. the writing style of a guy that went to University of Phoenix and taught English in Korea. You really don’t have much room to talk my man.

            being the gross, privileged, creepy, entitled white male who couldn’t work or get women back home due to fellow employees complaining of the stench of coward in the air at the office when you arrived to work.

            White male and privileged are the only things that are true in that quote.

          4. And yet you’re in Vietnam stalking women? Like that’s awesome you did fake research but even with that privilege and whiteness you had to go to Vietnam again to get women. My degrees could be from the basement and I’d still not have to go to Vietnam and write a blog about women that I can’t get. You’re still in Vietnam doing your life’s work when you were born with all the privilege in the world …yet you’re using in ..Vietnam? Lol like if that’s your definition of privilege then man you’re making white america proud.

            Your serve cuck

          5. It shouldn’t take an incel this long to have his mother review each post and submit it like seriously. You don’t have anything else as evidenced by your online job and absent dating life so reply and let’s get this show on the road or passive aggressively ignore me, look up fake email accounts, and use the verbiage on a teen who just discovered curse words

      3. Bro – I’ll say it… you’re RIGHT. Every damn word you wrote is unvarnished truth. I know it and they know it which is why they’re complaining and rheeeeeeing. Think about it – if you came here and said the sky was yellow the only comments you’d see is a few lines saying “Ha ha – you’re wrong” and for the most part people wouldn’t care. However you are stating an uncomfortable truth and thus the bitter land whales and stupid basement dwelling beta simps have to come out en masse to deny reality together lest the truth be recognized. That’s why you see multi-paragraph entries saying you’re wrong. And another thing you can be sure that the few thin attractive US women aren’t posting here – its only the fat unloved left upon the shelf cows. The pretty girls are simply going to look at your post and go ‘oh well I’ve got a great boyfriend so who cares’ nope its the land whales who are mewing the loudest. Pathetic.

        1. if you came here and said the sky was yellow the only comments you’d see is a few lines saying “Ha ha – you’re wrong” and for the most part people wouldn’t care. However you are stating an uncomfortable truth and thus the bitter land whales and stupid basement dwelling beta simps have to come out en masse to deny reality together lest the truth be recognized. That’s why you see multi-paragraph entries saying you’re wrong


          On point comment. My friend recently asked me about this exact point… great explanation.

  8. You are disgusting person. Your words show that you have very narrow-minded and uneducated. This is the reason why you only get gold diggers from here and you deserve it. LBH

  9. You, my fella friend, are what female expats in Asia call an “LBH” amongst our inner tribe. And that stands for ‘Loser Back Home.’ Go on, enjoy that aesthetic looking Asian 10, when you could only pull a western “piggy” 3 back on your own turf. You know this is TRUTH.

    Your own insecurities run deep as fuck if you’ve been raised to believe that a man need/should provide to a woman. That’s your MO? Have it, and continue to be a wedge in between gender equality gap. You ARE the problem. Vietnam ranks 7 on the list of gender inequality in SE Asia, and by portraying how you date Vietnamese women does nothing to empower them, or make that number any smaller. It’s 2019 buddy, you’re not going to make it that far in our globalising world. Your erection won’t either, but at least you’ve got cialis.

    You want somebody submissive? Go on, enjoy that. Enjoy that 333 in front of the tv, while your Mrs. gives you a blowie and then cooks you dinner and takes care of your own kid. It’s better than having to pay child support, eh?

    Oh, and you enjoy communicating through google translate? Sounds like your mom never told you that she loved you enough. There’s a reason you don’t enjoy human connection which built on the foundation of good communication, and I’m going to guess it’s because you had a shitty upbringing, maybe an alcoholic father, you’re probably socially awkward and didn’t have that many friends in school. I’d give you some compassion for that, but you don’t deserve it after putting all of Vietnamese women into a box. You’ve done more damage to stereotyping Vietnamese women than you have western females.

    Sex: Any Ting, really? I’m sure they will do any ting for you, and I’m sure you do no ting for them. Your misogynistic approach towards women tells me that you don’t even know how to make a girl cum, because there’s no way in hell that a man could really please a woman, and then talk about women in such a degrading way. It’s a fact that male supremacy throughout the years has actively discouraged female orgasming. You are exactly the white expat that I DO NOT want attention from, because not only are your words vile, thoughtless, hurtful and disgusting, but your limp ass, LBH, circumsized American dick, doesn’t know how to make a pussy purr, growl and cum.

    Peace out, limp-dick.

    1. Go on, enjoy that aesthetic looking Asian 10, when you could only pull a western “piggy” 3 back on your own turf. You know this is TRUTH.

      I’ll enjoy the aesthetic Asian 10. My girlfriend back home was hot, but the personality wasn’t there.

      You want somebody submissive? Go on, enjoy that. Enjoy that 333 in front of the tv, while your Mrs. gives you a blowie and then cooks you dinner and takes care of your own kid. It’s better than having to pay child support, eh?

      lolwut? Is that supposed to be an insult? that sounds good to me. I don’t drink beer anymore though.

      You are exactly the white expat that I DO NOT want attention from

      Don’t worry. Not many white expats are giving you attention.

      but your limp ass, LBH, circumsized American dick, doesn’t know how to make a pussy purr, growl and cum.

      gives you a blowie

      Your erection won’t either, but at least you’ve got cialis.

      how to make a girl cum

      discouraged female orgasming

      lol. it’s always about sex with you whores.

      1. You’re a man who is blatantly advertises how to fuck Vietnamese women from using Tinder, and how to tell if a VN woman is DTF which is also essentially exploiting sex tourism in this country. You think calling me a whore carries any weight? I hope your karma comes in the form of AIDS.

        1. Calls himself a college grad, and can’t see that I’m arguing gender equality, slight white privilege, human connection, communication and male supremacy.

          The only thing he can read is fuck, sex, and cum.

          You’ve got shit for brains.

          1. that I’m arguing gender equality…and male supremacy.

            How come men have always been #1 throughout history if the sexes are equal?

            Slightly off topic, but I bet you give a great blowjob.

        2. You think calling me a whore carries any weight?

          Good point. At least whores charge money; you do it for free :)))

        3. How come men have been # 1 throughout history? Well let’s see hmm could it be that men have built a system that is compromised of hiding its own insecurities by not only the objectification of women who by the way are more educated on a average than us men are. Not only have we men used brutality to punish any woman that dared to stand up against our own fragility, in other cases some of us have fled the comforts of home I.e. America in search of what once was. So as of now, this very moment, men are not nor were we ever #1 throughout history. Moreover, the day of the unquestioned, privileged male is over. You will be outsmarted, outwitted and held accountable by your actions like we always should have been but just like the native Americans, the quarantining of the Japanese Americans during Pearl Harbor, the African Americans and many other non white men deemed to be s threat including women needs and equality, will no longer be shunned. Hell you see it happening now cause you left all that special male #1 white privileged mentality shit to go chase submissive dreams in Vietnam. So if you’re number 1 or men are then why are you still fighting for out of country pussy 🤔? Like that doesn’t sound like a number 1 to me..more like the 3rd string or water-boy action

          1. Kenz is the guy that when he shows up in the news as a staunch Feminist Ally no one will be surprised that he’s been sexually harassing women and trying to fiddle little kids. It’s like a theme with these guys; desperately try to portray themselves as a man-hating White Knight to a frumpy Feminist… and then go to jail.

        4. You’re just jealous that in Vietnam nobody wants to use you as a cum dumpster. Why don’t you go to Iowa if you want men to pay attention to you? Standards are lower there.

        5. Aren’t you women traveling, in large numbers, to Greece, Jamaica, Italy, etc to have sex with as many men as you can, free and clear? Why is this a problem when this guy does it?

  10. You’re. A. Loser. And I’m also an American male expat.. you clearly moved here because you were a loser in America and needed some attention. What would your mother think if she read this? You’re shameful.

    1. I would love to know all about why you moved over there? Take advantage of people making less money, maybe? Find your dream girl. Fuck off Patrick, you’re doing the same thing.

  11. Hilarious. I have not met one guy who dates Vietnamese women that I would be remotely interested, and date many hot interesting expats who prefer western women. Because they are intelligent and appreciate an equal relationship.
    And most of my male friends who are dating Vietnamese women have hit on me when their girlfriend is at home. No anger or jealousy, I’m super happy that you’ve managed to find women who will tolerate you here, I really hope though that you treat them with the respect they deserve for putting up with you

    1. date many hot interesting expats who prefer western women

      Having a one night stand with a white guy you met on Tinder isn’t dating LMAO.

      1. Hmm let me guess..another mediocre white dude who couldn’t cut it with women back home who had to go damn near cross the world in search of a submissive woman?
        Any man afraid of western women, strong women or just women is a cuck. As a male who tries to understand the plight of a woman, I can tell based on this article you’re a lame. Like how much time do you have on your hands to write women YOU WILL NEVER GET …oh you do have the time cause you still don’t have a woman. You wouldn’t be writing such Incel-ish articles if you were man enough to understand that having a woman doesn’t make you a man. In addition, you wouldn’t be writing these ignorant anecdotes if you had a realistic view of yourself. So let’s break down the life that is of Neo. You’re a weak, insecure man who instead of admitting his own vulnerabilities and insecurities you project them out on women who you deem and perceive as the enemies because they can spot an incel a mile away (the incel is you in case you’re wondering). The fact that you made an website showcasing how much of a cuck you are is absolutely hilarious like no matter what you do with your shitty life this site and it’s article will read like a manifesto on the life of the falsely entitled, weak, mediocre, women aren’t proprietary to me and it’s not fair incel you are. So good luck I guess? Though at this point luck has escaped you as evidenced by your mind being infiltrated by an unearned entitled view you project of all women based on you leaving home to come to Vietnam to talk about expats? After listening and saying it out loud after I wrote it sounds even creepier yuck. Any-well….go play in traffic and I’ll see you at the next mass shooting, cross burning and/or presidential run cause duh you fit the profile byeeeeeeeeeee

          1. So a grown man saying the F word somehow makes you not an incel or the type to burn a cross? Like where did you get your information/grammar/education? PG-13 movies? Like are we being trolled by an 18 year old? Your only rebuttal called you to search deep and find the easiest derogatory term that a 13 year old wouldn’t even say.
            You having or opps had a white girlfriend and then going clear across the country not in search of another white woman in some of the European countries or western countries, rather you go where irrational dating lives and morals around dating go to die.

            That’s a personal problem. Like accept the fact that this is as good as it gets for you. You’re a mediocre man on your best day and an incel on and avenge day. And while you’re questioning my masculinity by the use of such words as Fa***, why not question the man who again flew across the world for some pussy and comfort while posting about his own character flaws on a blog.

            Your serve you cuck.

          2. Nope not a troll. Just a male who called another male who is now backpedaling. Like you made this public and I’m simply commenting on it. In addition, you still don’t have the words to reply but had 7 things expat women said. So when confronted with how ignorant you sound as well as how dumb you must be, you have yet to back anything with facts or have a meaningful reply other than troll, F-Word and crazy. I’m not sensitive to the soft insecure men who talk trash about women WHEN THEY DON’T date women. We all have insecurities and vulnerabilities and most adults own them and accept them. However, I got you backpedaling and playing defense cause you chose to post ignorance and not accept flaws about yourself while projecting them onto women and all you can say is trolling? Like you have to see the hyperbole in that it’s brilliant unlike you cause obviously you’re dumb and basic.

            K byeeeeeeeeeee

          3. You don’t say anything worthy of a rebuttal. It was just personal attacks lol. I guess that’s winning in your mind.

            Like you have to see the hyperbole in that it’s brilliant unlike you cause obviously you’re dumb and basic.

            That isn’t hyperbole. Yet I’m the dumb one here…

        1. You think that we date Vietnamese gals because we can’t date white girls? Are you insane? That’s like saying that I think you drive a BMW or a Porsche because you can’t get a Festiva or a Focus. Why would anyone want a bitchy entitled morbidly obese land whale from the US? Geez you gals are delusional.

  12. You have an inherent fear of feminist or even western women that Screams out in your article l. Where you fat boy at school? Shy ? Bullied? You obviously did not get laid back much in America? Awww ☹️ (Get dime help 😉) Is Asia the only place you feel “wanted”? Shame. As a feminist you made me laugh 😂 loved reading this ! It was a great piece that proves how uneducated n small minded some men still are and why women are moving so fast forward societally – our escalation over the past 100 years is way faster than any historical change. We only got The vote in some countries 50 years or less ago ! BUT we already are Prime Ministers in the UK, Presidents in Asia, Europe and Latin America!! I understand we intimidate you 😣 whilst men- you, remain there gradually losing seats in boardrooms and government due to our “crazy” women’s rights movement AND pathetically Wanking off to the thought of us, strong women that can stand their ground, love themselves that much we eat organic (cuz we can afford it 😏) work out with personal trainers (eye candy guys we can pay for 🤫) and look gorgeous! I think Asian women are beautiful and celebrate it n my dear- your in for a shock if you think they are all Submissive 😂 that kitchen knife will be used for more than chopping veg if you piss these girls off 😂 🔪 you sound like you need a hug 🤗 n therapy 👍 get some help kid – I know you won’t Post My comment (oooo the intimidation of a strong woman 😂) But take my advice – u sound like a sad angry little soul n need to fix that 👍

    1. Thank you for confirming my investment in cat toy producing companies. I’m sure Mr. Tiddlesworth will be a great companion to you in your childless 50s.

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