My Favorite Saigon Cafes for Digital Nomads

What’s up readers?

All the digital nomad readers probably understand the struggle of sitting inside your apartment all day working behind a computer.

It absolutely sucks. I can’t stand it.

Fortunately, Ho Chi Minh City has a coffee shop on literally every street.

These cafes range from small places with like three tables to massive chains that can handle over hundred people at a time.

The shops always have WiFi though, which makes them great for digital nomads.

This list will cover some of my favorite cafes for working in Saigon.

Also, this article is a work in progress. I will continually update it and add more pictures as I visit more shops.

Phuc Long

First on the list is my personal favorite coffee shop in Ho Chi Minh City. Phuc Long is a chain with locations all over Saigon. They’ve been around since 1968.

The best part about them is the blazing fast Wi-Fi. Seriously, this is the fastest Wi-Fi I’ve ever had in a Vietnamese cafe.

Now, Phuc Long does have some downsides.

First, they don’t really have that many power outlets. Honestly, that’s not much of an issue for me since I usually go during the day and am the only person there. Plus, my laptop can last for like four hours without a charge.

Another cause for concern is the Wi-Fi is only valid for 90 minutes per receipt. However, I just disconnect and reconnect and it seems to work.

Your experiences may vary.

Price: 30k – 65k

Tien Huong

Tien Huong is just a small local tea place on Nguyen Hue. I like to go here during the day to work for the following reasons:

  • No music, so it’s quiet.
  • Empty during the day.
  • Super comfortable chairs with nearby power outlets.
  • Fast Wi-Fi.
  • Can easily walk around Nguyen Hue in the evening when I finish work.

Anyway, there are a ton of little cafes like Tien Huong all over the city. You just gotta pop your head and look to see if they have a power outlet.

Price: 45k -75k

Highlands Coffee

Highlands Coffee is probably the most famous coffee shop in the whole country. It’s certainly a popular place for people to hang out, but I can’t stand them for working.

  • Music is too loud.
  • The Wi-Fi is super slow and drops a lot.
  • The chairs are super uncomfortable.

Honestly, they probably do this so people don’t sit inside all day.

I’d skip Highlands Coffee for working. It’s a decent place to take a date.

The good thing about them is that they never change the WiFi password. You can really be a crab and just work there without paying.

The staff don’t say anything.

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