Neo The Nomad Asian Fangirl Club

This blog has a surprising number of female Vietnamese readers. They always message me since they love a man that blatantly disrespects women on the Internet, so I’m giving these ladies a chance to make themselves useful to me and this blog.

Today is the beginning of the Neo The Nomad Asian Fangirl Club.

You fine ladies probably wonder what a Neo The Nomad Asian Fangirl receives for becoming a member. We’ll get to that after covering the entry requirements. Most of you fine dumb sluts won’t make the cut anyway.

Membership Requirements

The requirements are tough. Only the best of the best can meet our rigorous admissions standards. We’re talking about the crème de la crème here. These are the requirements:

  • East Asian or Southeast Asian woman*
  • Under 55kg
  • Reader of this blog
  • Pass our application process

The title Honorary Asian will be given to any non-Asian that makes the cut.

Application Process

The application process is also rigorous.

The first step is sending a picture of your boobs with “Neo The Nomad” written on them with a Sharpie marker to [email protected] No need to include your face. Your picture will not be published.

Your boob application will then be reviewed by our “Titty Panel.” The Titty Panel is made up of only me.

50% of the the connoisseurs (that’s me on at least two different days) must approve your application for your to become a Neo The Nomad Asian Fangirl.

The criteria I’m looking for is a tightly guarded secret, but it’s not exclusively basketball sized titties. Honestly, that’s gross.

Here’s a hint. The Ancient Greek sculptures are the ideal human form… not like any of you know anything about Ancient Greek sculptures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join if I’m not Asian?

Typical white women question. They really hate Asian chicks.

The answer is yes. You’ll get the title “Neo The Nomad Honorary Asian Fangirl.” Some of you history nerds will probably get the Honorary reference, but I’m not explaining it. Don’t ask.

Will you publish my picture?

No. None of your personal information will be made public. Only the Titty Panel (me) will see the picture.

If you give me permission to post the picture, then I’ll post the picture.

What are membership benefits?

Being a member of this exclusive club is the benefit. Plus, I will respond to your question or comment. From this day on, I will only respond to females that are a member of the Fangirl Club.

Do Vietnamese women really read your blog? What do they think of it?

She is obsessed with my sex life, my dick, white men, read a bunch of my blog posts, AND copied my writing style (who else uses ‘hell’ to start a written sentence?). Definitely the #1 female fan.

Here are a few more of my fans. These ones are all confirmed women 😉


I think Zara is an Honorary Asian.

There are a few more comments, I think. I had a spat in December where I got like 5 different fangirl emails, but I deleted them because I couldn’t think of anything funny to do with them 🙁

Never delete emails in this industry.

This seems misogynist.



  1. Why would some Western bitch care about what guys do in South East Asia?
    If she is bored, she can just fire up Tinder to get Matches from 20 desperate Beta males, waiting to kiss her ass at any time, even as a landwhale single mom. Thats the Western dating scene. Why would she troll some blogger?
    For Asian chicks I can see why they dont like too many Western guys coming to their country, as some self-proclaimed players/PUAs in SEA are pretty damn annoying. Still they can choose and go for local guys in that case.

    1. It’s the same reason they never fuck those beta male white knights on Tinder and leave after a few texts. Boring. Predictable. Supplicating.

      This is much more exciting for them. Exciting. Unpredictable. Confrontational. That’s what they want, so you may as well give it to them.

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