Do Expats Need to Learn Vietnamese?

One of the most common questions expats hear from non-expats is, “do you speak the language?”

They assume expats will starve and jack off into socks if they don’t speak the local language.

Now, I can’t speak for expats in other countries, but I can speak for Vietnam.

No. You don’t need to speak Vietnamese to live in Vietnam.


I’ll even go a step further and say…

Learning Vietnamese is a Waste of Time

You don’t need to learn the language if you live here. It’s also a waste of time to learn it. 

First, everyone here speaks English. Ok, not quite. Let me fix that.

I can communicate with Vietnamese people.

Furthermore, there are enough English speakers that it isn’t even difficult to live. This isn’t Central African Republic, central London, or Pakistan we’re talking about here. It’s fairly easy to find someone that speaks English. And by that I mean a woman that speaks enough English for a date.

How much English does a girl need to speak for a date?

Literally none.

Cafe -> Google Translate -> take to apartment to “watch YouTube videos” -> ???

Now, in the event that people don’t speak English (common)… well that’s why hands, fingers, and calculators were invented.

Next, Vietnamese is a difficult language to learn. It has six tones that all sound the exact fucking same… but the slight difference in tone completely changes the meaning and no one will understand you. Remember, they aren’t used to non-native speakers butchering the language.

One more thing, Vietnamese isn’t useful outside of Vietnam. Like 100 non-Vietnamese people speak this language . You’ll have a useless language when you leave the country.

Finally, I speak American. I’m not expected to know another language because I don’t need to know another language. 

Not Useful For Dating

Learning Vietnamese will supposedly give you more dating options. I’m sure that’s true to an extent. However, I’ve been on Google Translate dates and they didn’t care. Honestly, listening to them speak would have made them more annoying.

Anyway, becoming rich will open way more doors than learning the language. Becoming famous will open even more doors. 

That’s just a fact of life and it applies in every country. 

Every woman understands money, status, and power. It’s the only language they speak.

Women will literally fuck if you have enough money, status, and power (and the proper mindset…). Don’t believe me?

Jordan Vogt-Rogers.

He’s a Hollywood director that filmed a Hollywood movie in Vietnam and now lives in Saigon. He’s apparently super famous with the Vietnamese and was the Honorary Tourism spokesperson or something. They call him the “King of Vietnam.”

I don’t know if he knows Vietnamese. What I do know is that he can easily bang 10/10 models on the reg with or without any Vietnamese language ability. Women that reject rich international drug kingpins on Canada’s Most Wanted list and randomly beat the shit out of everyone in a nightclub go for Vogt-Rogers. So I’m just gonna assume those women are hot af.

And here’s a non-Vietnam example for good measure.

Donald Trump.

He only speaks English. That hasn’t stopped him from banging Eastern European models, though. I mean, his wife barely spoke English when he met her.

You don’t need to become a multi-billionaire reality television star/real estate mogul or a high-profile Hollywood director. Making $15,000/month (most US citizens can get there) is fuck you money in most of the world. $7,000~/month in Saigon will get you a high-end apartment, a car, and plenty of disposable income to buildup an interesting life.

Combine that money with some basic social skills and you can build up a very nice lifestyle in almost any city in the world. No language required.

Oh, and you’re also rich. Being poor sucks.

Make Vietnamese Friends

hot asian girl

Having a friend that speaks Vietnamese is useful, faster, and more accurate than learning the language. 100% of the time it is just some girl that you’re banging.

Girls here like translating because they can practice English and they think it makes you closer.

A Vietnamese speaking friend is especially useful when you have a problem. And trust me, you will have a lot of problems living here. They can also show you local food and other slightly cool local stuff.

It is Useful Sometimes Tho

As much as I hate on learning Vietnamese… it is actually useful when in Vietnam. I’ve run into so many scenarios where knowing the language would have made everything so much smoother. Of course, I did perfectly fine without it, but it definitely would have made things easier.

It’s just not worth the time to learn it since I don’t plan on living here. The time to benefit ratio is just not there.

Final Thoughts

You really should only learn it if you like learning languages. All the time spent learning Vietnamese, and it’s gonna be a lot of time, can be put to better use… by making money or building up an exciting life. You can use that money to build a crazy life in literally any country. 

Simply put, the world is your oyster… once you have money. 


  1. Learning Vietnamese was the most excruciatingly difficult thing I did in my life (and it’s still a challenge every day), but it’s all worth it for many reasons. I get the whole country for myself, not just the designated English-speaking areas. I don’t need anyone to help with anything and mediate all my interactions, I have the unscripted version of Vietnam. I get to avoid the foreigner groupies (who tend to be full of shit) and those people whose entire life and business model are built on speaking English with foreigners. Finally, I get to protect the command of the English language that I have spent so many years perfecting in America; as a second-language speaker my English would have gone down the drain if I was forced to speak “Vietglish” (no grammar or conjugation) since the 5 years I’ve been here! As for the girls, it’s hit or miss really; some HATE that I speak vietnamese and others love it.

    1. No. You can send me an outline + title. If it’s a good/relevant topic, then I’ll publish the article. 1 follow link (no porn or cam sites). 1000~ words.

      The site will stay up since it is red pilling people.

  2. Yeah I don’t mean just that night at xoxo, I mean in general. He doesn’t seem classy at all.

    They all suck. Gang beating up a guy is the lowest form of street justice there is. Talk about a textbook example of fighting like a bitch. 10 on one blindside from behind smashing bottles on people’s heads. I hope that Viet guy gets his ass pumped full of Indian semen everyday in prison.

    1. All he did was give a chick his IG, which is normal. If he was approaching the women at the gangster’s table, then yeah that’s dumb.

      That said, he does sound kinda douchey in that interview and the journalist even pointed it out too lol.

  3. Vietnamese is not nearly as hard as the locals like to think it is.

    I’m not the smartest guy around but I still managed to get to basic conversational ability in about 4 months.

    From a business perspective I wouldn’t say it’s a waste of time. Knowing basic vietnamese opens opportunities in the import/export game where there’s clearly a shit ton of money to be made in the right niches.

    I’m from New zealand so I import fresh products to sell to middle class vietnamese milfs and make good money.

    Couldn’t imagine doing this without knowing a bit of vietnamese though…

    1. I always take an extreme position with every article on this site because it’s provocative. It gets the people going. It’s also more fun to write.

      In reality, when I actively try with the tones and people speak slowly, then we can kind of communicate. I do think getting to basic conversational ability (3-4 months) and then only dating non-English speakers is the best way to get fluent in any language.

      Import/export seems like a good biz. I wouldn’t have thought importing into Vietnam would work, but I guess there really is money to be made everywhere. Do you import fruit or normal consumer goods?

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