Don’t Walk Behind Your Woman

Sup expats. Hope everyone is having a good Roman Calendar New Year. I’ve discussed the Walking Behind Women Question (WBWQ) before in different articles. But no article has been written about the Walking Behind Women Question.

Until now.

I am currently sitting in a cafe pretending to work and saw a tall, muscular white guy walking behind his petite Vietnamese waifu…

He obviously doesn’t read this blog. And if he does read the most popular (s)expat blog in Vietnam, then he’s surely one of the faggots calling me an incel in the comments section.

Seriously, it was pathetic on many levels. This guy was like 6’5″ and getting led around by some ugly 5’0 Asian woman.

Don’t Walk Behind Your Woman

You should never walk behind your woman. Period.

It makes you look like a literal cuck slave. Seriously, you look like her cute puppy dog. You may as well wear a collar and have her whip you.

It’s so pathetic looking that everyone that disagrees with this sentiment either has low testosterone, likes getting pegged, is intentionally trying to deceive, or all of the above.

That’s all that needs to be said about the matter. We can now move onto more pressing matters…

“My Girl Likes Walking In Front Of Me”

That’s kind of common, but she doesn’t really like walking behind you.

She’s simply never had a man put her in her place. Once you’ve trained her to walk behind you, she’ll love the way you lead her. I guarantee it. Before anyone asks, yes I’ve trained women to walk behind me.

If she does like walking in front… Wait, who cares what wombs think?

She’s a womb; she has no right to dictate terms of anything.

How To Walk In Front Of Your Woman

It’s easy. All you have to do is walk in front of her. Duh.

If she decides to walk in front of you, then you tell her to get behind you – where she belongs.

I’m extremely autistic about this matter. I will literally tap a girl on the shoulder and obnoxiously snap my fingers while pointing behind myself…

And then start walking past her like I have an anvil tied to my nutsack, exactly like Mr. McMahon:

They never say anything negative – not like it matters.

My female fans on Reddit, or wherever, will say they would storm off if a guy did that to them. They won’t and don’t. It has LITERALLY never happened in the entire existence of humanity going back to Adam and Eve or monkeys or whatever you believe.

Also, those wombs on Reddit are the ones that really want a guy to boss them around. They also like to call you daddy for some reason – you can figure that one out on your own.

That’s just how women work. They ain’t complicated.

The guys that understand this never have to worry about their women leaving them or getting friendzoned (lol), which must be a huge coincidence or something.


  1. You see this all the time with Western couples. The woman leading the way, leading everything and making all the decisions. Most guys arent even aware of it or think thats the way it is supposed to be cause thats the sh*t they see in hollywood movies. Pathetic.

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