Don’t Be Like These Guys

Sup readers. Got a general advice post today.

As I’ve written about before, I’m bald as fuck (Norwood 3.5 with diffuse thinning) and young. Fortunately, I don’t care about hair because I don’t care what some goo-hole “thinks.” Guys only care about balding because they’re seeking the approval of women. Period.

Not gonna lie, a freshly shaved head with some oil on it feels good af. I’d definitely do the shaved head thing even if I wasn’t balding.

However, shaving your head with a safety razor is really fucking annoying when you’re not fully bald. It takes like 5-10 minutes, which is slightly aggravating. The rage inducing part is that my post-shave head looks like it went 10 rounds in a back alley with a cat. After yet another disastrous shave (got a really cool head scar, which is awesome), I started researching electric razors that actually work, which led me to a place called HairLossTalkForum.

All I can say about that place is Yikes.

Yes, the place is so bad that it got a bolded AND underlined Yikes with a capital y.


The forum is brimming with balding men obsessed with their hair, or lack thereof. The membership mostly consists of depressed, borderline suicidal losers that believe a woman won’t ever look at them because…

they’re bald.

If they aren’t whining about their lack of hair follicles, then they’re analyzing and rating other men.

Seriously though, I’m pretty sure all the guys on that forum are secretly peter-puffers, have some weird mommy issue, or have fallen victim to the mass marketing campaign to make (bald) (white) men feel inadequate.

Them being a bunch of crypto butt-pirates seems most likely to me. Straight men aren’t that obsessed with their fucking hair – that’s a woman thing. The other stuff still applies though.

Or maybe all men are obsessed with their hair, and I’m the weird one?

Nah. They’re definitely homos.

Honestly, any guy over the age of 30 that obsessed with his hair, in any way, is a massive faggot that most certainly sucks ding-dongs. Balding isn’t a pleasant experience (I have grown to enjoy it), but real men have much bigger problems to deal with than their hair or validation seeking. That is female behavior.

Anyway, here are some examples of the faggotry that goes on there. Trust me, you definitely don’t want to be acting like a bunch of whiny women about your hair:


  1. Been bald for quite a few years now. Bothered me at first but then you realize it is all just anti-male propaganda.
    Like a shit test. Its also important not to watch any Hollywood movies. Hollywood gets sponsored by the hairloss industry and so they put in every movie that you are no ugly and women will hate you, etc.
    Typical lies that Hollywood leftists tell men. Sad.

    1. Yeah, pretty much. I actually think it’s just one giant commercial for the hair loss industry lol.

      And I agree: Don’t watch anything out of Hollywood.

      All these guys were raised by the Telavivsion, so it’s pretty much expected for them.

  2. Love being bald by choice, even now that im 42 and my hair is thinning out year by year. It’s a fuck load easier and just feels better in almost all climates except 40 below, but I dont live in that place anymore. I grow a lot of fur on my face, that’s enough for me. I never had trouble getting laid with a shaved head my whole life. Some guys just dont get it I guess.

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