Dating Advice for Shy Guys


You know that feeling you get around hot girls?

Knees weak. Arms are heavy. Face starts blushing.

Yeah, I know that feeling too. I was once a shy guy a few years ago. Hell, I still get that feeling occasionally.

Now, well I’m not a dating expert or anything, but I currently bang a decent amount of girls. It just took overcoming my shyness (and moving to Asia to meet sweet Vietnamese women). Anyway, enough rambling about myself. Let the guide begin.

What causes shyness around women?

The first major problem with shy guys is that women intimidate them. Most guys are fairly comfortable around other men. Probably because the vast majority of guys don’t want to bang the guy they’re interacting with.

Once a women walks in everyone’s butt cheeks clench up and they start acting weird. Some guys just turtle up and sulk in the corner as Chad Thundercock talks to all the women.


Chad Thundercock stealing all the women.

That applied to me at least. I can count on two hands the number of voluntary interactions I had with females from the age of 5-18…

yeah, not good. I know.

That number increased during college with the help of alcohol. It skyrocketed after my first Asia trip.

When women intimidate you, what does that imply?


It implies that you don’t interact with women that often. I mean, women don’t possess any intimidating traits, so nothing about them should scare you.

Women are not scary

We can blame this one on the toxic propaganda created by our western matriarchal culture.

Just look at any Western TV show or commercial. They usually write a strong, confident (!), and independent female character with some neurotic, wimpy, and dependent male character.

Literally the opposite of how things exist in real life. Men are naturally the strong, confident, and independent sex. Women are the naturally neurotic, wimpy, and dependent sex.

She doesn’t actually exist.

It’s just a fact of nature, no matter how many fat feminists complain about it.

You have turn yourself into the strong, confident, and independent man that every woman wants.

How to be confident around women?

The hardest and most rewarding step.

It starts with a paradox. Kind of like the chicken or the egg paradox.

chicken and egg

If women intimidate you, then how do you interact with enough of them to get comfortable around them?

One word:


Sure. This sounds scary to shy guys.

A woman actually interested in me. And she wants to boink me. OMG! I’m terrified. Get me out of here!

Hold on there, Mr. Incel. You’ve been doing that your whole life and that is why women still scare you at the age of 38.

Now, I’m not saying to visit Pattaya and start banging prostitutes. I mean, that will work, but you will probably marry the first prostitute you boink.

Never marry a prostitute either. Ever.

Nothing about these girls should scare you.

I recommend going to the Gogo bars here in Southeast Asia. These are the places where you can talk to smoking hot Asian chicks if you buy them a drink. That’s literally their job.

This gets you comfortable talking to women. Hell, you can buy three different girls a drink and talk to all of them at the same time.

You can play pool. Connect Four. Darts. Anything really.

You can even boink them for not that much money. You can boink two at the same time.

Just imagine all that practice with women.

Conversational practice. Sexual practice. Connect Four practice.

You’ll be a Casanova in no time.

Just don’t marry a prostitute. This is the equivalent of marrying a stripper in the West.

If you’re stuck in the United States, then just go to Hooters, Wing House, or a strip club.

Do this prostitute thing until you get comfortable around women.

You will still have some nervousness. That is natural. I’m talking about eliminating the debilitating effects and just having general nervousness.

You know the signs of your nervousness more than I do.

What next?

You can keep boinking prostitutes for as long as you like, I guess. This will probably get boring after a while though.

You might want a “good” girl. A little bit of a challenge.

A project.

In other words, a girl that isn’t a prostitute.

This is where Southeast Asia comes into play.

You know, those smoking hot Asian girls you see walking around all the time. Leaving their office job.

Riding their motorbike.

You just want to munch on their Asian bushes and eat their little heart shaped butt…

nom nom nom.

Yeah, some of those girls have accounts on the dating sites.

I know, you might think online dating is cringey and full of cat ladies and single moms.

In the West, sure. However, online dating is super common in Asia…

…it’s full of girls looking to date (read: boink) a foreigner’s big white dick.

The best site for that is Vietnam Cupid if you’re in Vietnam.

These sites cost money (not much), which is good.

It keeps out the horde of thirsty guys.

More sweet Asian girls for us guys to feast on.

All the broke bois can fight over the same pool of girls on Tinder, which still isn’t that bad…

but thousands of girls are on Vietnam Cupid right now just waiting for foreigner guys to message them.

Meeting Good Girls

You can literally just message these girls a quick message.

“hi how are you?”

Talk to them like you would those prostitutes in Pattaya.

Not hard. Invite the “good” girls for coffee or drinks.

At the end of the date, or date #2 or date #3, just invite them up to your room for drinks or to see the view or to listen to music.

Just like the prostitutes.

Final Thoughts

I hope you can read between the lines of what I wrote.

The main point I’m making is that all girls are the same:

They want a confident man that can provide for them.

I can’t teach you how to be confident. You have to learn confidence yourself by getting those experiences. I can only point you in the right direction to get that experience.

Do that by boinking as many prostitutes as possible.

At that point you’ll understand the true nature of women.


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