8 Questions Every Vietnamese Woman Will Ask On A Date

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I’ve been in Vietnam for almost exactly 9 months as of today. In that 9 months I’ve been on dates with well over 100 Vietnamese girls. I met most of them (over 80%) on Vietnam Cupid using the strategy discussed in an earlier post.

You know what I’ve noticed?

All these girls ask the exact same questions. Some of the questions are normal and some of them are super weird.

Now, I’m not stupid. I know why I get the same questions, but that doesn’t mean it’s not funny.

Ok, enough talking. Here are the questions, a good response, and an analysis. The questions are listed in no particular order.

1. Are You Married?

This is definitely one of the weirder questions I get. It’s super common with the girls on Vietnam Cupid for some reason.

Anyway, it’s such a common question because it’s common for married Asian guys to look for mistresses on the dating sites, so they just assume that white guys do it too.

Girls that ask this question aren’t looking to be a mistress, either. They’re asking to see if you’re a long-term dating partner.

Answer: “Maybe yes or maybe no ;)” (I tell them no a few texts later, but I like to draw it out a bit.)

2. What You Do in Vietnam?

Just a boring question to make a conversation. It also helps them determine how much money you make. Don’t worry if you’re an English teacher; you still make 5-10 times the average local salary.

Answer: “Hmmmmmm. Work on computer.”

3. Do You Live Alone?

This is girls trying to figure out logistics and if they can spend the night. I get this one a lot before I even meet the girl.

If you get it while on a date, then go for the pull.

Answer: “Yes. You?”

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4. Why You Move to Vietnam?

Another conversation starting question. Honestly, I think this is them trying to determine if you’re a loser back home.

Sexy Vietnamese Girl

They also think it’s odd that a guy would leave a place where everyone is rich af, gets a free mansion, free money, and a free iPhone (that’s literally what they think) to live in a poor 3rd world country.

Answer: “I like Vietnam.”

5. How Long You Stay in Vietnam?

This is another woman question. They are trying to determine if you are a tourist-fling or if there is a possibility of a long term relationship.

Answer: “A long time.”

6. You Want Girlfriend Vietnam?

Yes. Vietnamese girls really sound like that hooker from Full Metal Jacket.

It’s pretty obvious why they ask this question.

Answer: “Ohhhhhhh,” *big smile on face* “You want foreign boyfriend.”

7. You talk to other girl in Vietnam?

They want to know if you are talking to other women. In other words, they want to see if you’re a player or “fuck boy” as they say over here. You can be honest with them, but don’t logically explain everything like a total goober.

Answer: “A few.”

8. You have Vietnam friend?

Same as above.

Answer: “A few.”

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you won’t really have any intellectual conversations while on a date with a Vietnamese woman.

It’s not the language barrier either. The average girl (from any country) just isn’t that mentally stimulating compared to your average reasonably intelligent (100+ IQ) guy.

I’m not saying Vietnamese women are bad or anything. They’re just normal girls, which means you shouldn’t try to force an intellectual conversation with them. Sometimes I see random guys doing this and the girls just look super bored.

Hell, I catch myself doing this on occasion and can literally see their eyes begin to wander or glaze over. Quickly change the topic to something about them. Everyone loves talking about themselves.

All that being said, girls just want to have fun. Nerding out about the Ice Wall, the fact that the collective consciousness of humanity literally shapes reality (wat?), if jet fuel can melt steel… or whatever super interesting topic just isn’t fun for women.

Save that conversation for your drinking buddies.


  1. Your articles on VN girls are funny af Neo lolololol. I’m a Viet and I’m amazed how experienced you are from dating those girls. Keep it up brahhh

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