A Day in The Life of a Vietnam Expat

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A common question that friends back home ask me is, “What do you do in Vietnam?”

Normally I just reply, “Work and chill.”

But that doesn’t cover the whole story. This article will cover the whole story.

The Average Day of a Vietnam Expat

Living abroad is an exciting adventure and every day is new and exciting.

Just kidding.

Honestly, life is pretty much the same over here except everything is like 80% cheaper and people don’t speak English. Even still, I stay inside all day so it doesn’t really feel like I’m in a foreign country until I go outside and no one speaks English.cute girl

Lots of cute girls too lol.

Anyway, here is an average day for me. This includes weekends too. I don’t usually take days off from work, but sometimes I will work less if I want to go on a date or do something fun (rare).

9AM – Wake up.

9:30AM – I’m still in lying in bed, but I probably have my phone in my hand and am reading messages from girls on Vietnam Cupid or checking my email for business stuff.

Vietnam Cupid Box10:00AM – Out of bed at this point and have brushed my teeth. Dick around on the internet for 30 minutes or so.

10:30AM-12PM – Normally working on some business stuff by now. This usually just means writing some bullshit article or working on one of my two online projects.

12PM-1PM – Finally leave my apartment and get lunch. 90% of the time it means driving to get some takeaway bun thit nuong (good af) and buying a few coconuts for 30 cents/each. If it’s raining, then I just get some Pringles from the convenience store that is attached to my apartment. I also message girls and see if I can set up a date for the next evening.coconut

1PM-5PM – Usually spend the rest of the day working on client stuff to make that $$$.

5PM – 5:30PM – Check my phone and see if any girl has agreed to an evening date (usually yes). Also sign onto Vietnam Cupid and message a few girls that peak my interest.

5:30PM – 6:30PM – Hit the gym down the street. My workout routine does not take too long and the gym isn’t usually too crowded.

6:30PM – 7:00PM – Shower and prep for my date.

7:15PM – 9:00PM – I usually will do one of these: go on a date, have a girl make dinner, or get takeaway dinner and eat on my balcony with an expat friend.

My date spot is a place that is literally walking distance from my apartment, so not too much time wasted if a girl flakes (rare).

coffee date cute girl

9:00PM – 1:00AM – I try to make it back to my apartment before 9PM. If I am alone, then I just work until I’m tired enough to fall asleep. There always seems to be an infinite amount of work to do.

If I have a – guest – with me, then you can figure out what I do.

That’s about it for my exciting day. Yes, I know I should go outside and do more physical activity. Some days I decide to go to a park and walk around.

Honestly, I need to start playing badminton.

Is it fun living in Asia?

Well, look at my schedule. Does that look fun to you?

It looks a hell of a lot more fun than my schedule in the US, which was one of the two options:

  1. Making cold calls for 50 hours a week (6 day weeks).
  2. Working in an Amazon warehouse for 42-63 hours per week (4-6 day weeks).

On the real though. Moving to Asia will not solve all your problems.

It’s a good cover for your problems because of the easy sex and cheap beer, but that will not solve your problems.

You gotta have some big goal that you are working towards or else you’re just going to get depressed banging girls and partying.

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