Da Lat, Vietnam – Location Review

Today we have the first post in my location review series and it’s on Da Lat.

Da Lat is a relatively small city (town?) in the highlands north of Saigon. It’s a famous location because it’s in a lot of movies and stuff. Lots of couples also visit for their honeymoon.

It’s about 5-7 hours by car or like a 30 minute flight. You can also get there by motorbike too. The route is very pretty as it winds through the mountains and stuff.

Da Lat, Vietnam – Women 1/5

Well, it’s Vietnam, which means the girls are all going to be skinny and cute. However, this town does not have very many of them or any nightlife. It just has such a small population that it makes it difficult to find girls in person.

Now, you will see about 20 or so girls on Vietnam Cupid. They don’t get that many foreigners coming through. This means the girls will be super eager to meet up.

Just message them about a week before you want to get there and setup some dates.

Bring a Girl

Admittedly, I did message some girls from Da Lat on Vietnam Cupid and setup some dates. However, in the end I just decided to bring a girl I met from Saigon with me. It made things easier travelling there (buying tickets, hotel, food, etc.).

That is the path I recommend. Just go on Vietnam Cupid, schedule some dates, and see who wants to visit Da Lat. Trust me, every Vietnamese girl knows about Da Lat. It’s in every movie.

Just be careful, they probably think you want to get married if you bring them to Da Lat.

Trust me on that one.

Da Lat, Vietnam – Expenses 5/5

This is a third tier city, which means it will be even cheaper than Saigon. Yes, that’s possible.

Go outside the tourist district and you can find dinner for under a dollar.

I stayed at the Da Lat Flower Hotel & Spa, which was cheap and a good room with a soft bed. I found it on Booking.com; you get a $25 discount if you use that link 😉

You could probably get a decent apartment, or a guesthouse on a monthly deal, for like $300/month. Maybe even less than that.

Flower Hotel is like 5 minutes from the city center by motorbike, but I wanted to stay away from horns and traffic. It costs like 100k/day for a motorbike as well.

As mentioned earlier, this city is super cheap.

Da Lat, Vietnam – Ambiance 5/5

Da Lat has a great ambiance for those that like a peaceful and tranquil pace of life. If you like the big city lifestyle…

Well, you’re probably not going to like it here. There are lots of cafes and stuff to get your work done online if you work online. Some of the ones on the outskirts of the city have some nice mountain views too.

Not much traffic. People don’t use their horns as much.

Plus, the weather is nice. I wouldn’t say it’s cold, but it’s pleasant.

Definitely going to want jeans and sweatshirt if you visit during the winter. All the Vietnamese people dress like they’re living in Siberia, which is funny.

Also, the scenery up there is amazing. Just cruise around the mountain roads on your motorbike with some Viet chick on the back and check out some of the waterfalls. This guy, Vietnam Coracle, has some great information about Da Lat. Seriously, it’s the best resource for doing off the beaten path tourist stuff in Vietnam.

Final Score: 11/15 (73%)

All in all, Da Lat is a great little town to visit for a slower pace of life. This makes it a great getaway from Saigon. However, living there might be difficult.

On the bright side, if you want to get more work done and be more productive, then living in Da Lat might work out great for you. You will need a girlfriend though and you can’t play the field. The town is just too small for that.


  1. Hello. May I know which hotel is girl friendly in Dalat?
    As I know most of the hotels do not allow foreigner and local girl stay in a room.

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