COVID: When Will Vietnam Reopen?

I see this question posted all the time on Facebook:

When will Vietnam reopen for tourism?!?!?!

Ok. I got some good intel on this one. Do you want to read what they told me?

Fair warning: The truth hurts. Most people can’t handle the truth. Men of weak constitutions should exit out of the page.

One more thing…

Women should just leave. I don’t want you on this blog unless you’re in Neo’s Asian Girl Fan Club.

Vietnam Will Reopen In…


The country will never open to tourism. And that’s a fact.

Even traveling here will be difficult.

Sorry, y’all. Don’t get your hopes up because it ain’t happening. The expats here are dropping like Vietnamese girls dropping their panties in my apartment.

All day with lots of crying because deep down they know they’ll never return to the place they love as I…

Wait, what?

Oh, yeah. Back to the article.

You can have fun in America, Europe, Australia, or wherever you got stuck.

Sucks to be you 🙂



    Also, thoughts on civil war in the US and/or states seceding if Biden wins and there’s a totalitarian seize on power and a run on personal liberty like we’ve never seen? My guess is if the union splits, TX, FL and the midwest are all going together, so maybe it dissolves into at least three parts, the two coasts and everything in the middle.

      1. then we should send the revolutionaries, marxists, hardcore feminists, maoists, rioters, looters, terrorists, Bill Gates, George Soros, Kamala Harris and any WHO supporters who support travel bans and lockdowns to Gitmo and make America and the American passport great again.

    1. EMG?

      It’s not bringing you here if you’re paying $2,000 to work for EMG lmao faggot haha.

      Ok, no trolling. Vietnam will probs reopen by Tet. Have fun when you get here.

  2. Not sure why they wanna come right now anyway. Its a bad time. Clubs and bars are closed. Apps are dead except hookers. Girls are moving back to their shitty provinces or scared to meet because of the Covid hoax.

    Theres nothing here unless you have a business like me or are married with a family.

    1. > Girls are moving back to their shitty provinces

      This hasn’t been my experience at all. People all came back after the first lockdown ended. Maybe if they work in tourism they moved back to the provinces?

      >scared to meet because of the Covid hoax

      I got some bad news for you… and it’s not that Covid is real (it’s a huge hoax).

      1. All kidding aside, is there any xenophobic, Covid-based backlash affecting expats in terms of dating right now? I’m flying in next week for work (VAIS) in D7. It’ll be nice to be back after being caught outside the country for eight hellish months.

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