Three Chat Apps You Need In Southeast Asia


If you follow my Tinder guide for Ho Chi Minh City, then you might have noticed that I mentioned asking the girls for their Zalo number.

You’re probably thinking, “What the [email protected]#$ is a Zalo?”

Great question. I’ll tell you all about Zalo and then go over the different chat apps you need if you want to get laid in Southeast Asia.

Why you need a chatting application?

No one in Southeast Asia communicates via SMS text messaging because no one here has unlimited texts. They also will avoid making phone calls with their actual phone number because that uses minutes.

Everyone just uses a chatting app while connected to wifi. It’s much cheaper (free) and much easier. This also makes things easier in case you lose your phone number or something weird like that.

For us expats playing the dating game, try to keep everyone on Zalo and avoid putting them on your personal Facebook account. You don’t want these broads knowing your identity or seeing 250 different Vietnamese girls like every picture you post. Trust me, these girls like everything that pops up on their timeline. It’s kind of weird.


Zalo is a chatting application used exclusively in Vietnam by like 95% of Vietnamese people. I’ve seen taxi drivers, 60+ year old ladies, my extremely rich landlord, teenagers, and police officers using Zalo. Just about everyone in Vietnam with a smartphone (so everyone) will have a Zalo account.

It’s nothing more than a texting/calling app with a timeline feature where you can upload pictures and post status updates. It also has a people nearby feature, which allows you to message cuties within 5km of you. Good way to get dates without leaving your apartment.

Download Zalo before you start swiping on Tinder. I’d recommend setting it up with a Vietnamese phone number so you look like an expat, but the choice is yours.


Line is more or less the same thing as Zalo. Text messaging, talking, and a social timeline.

I think Zalo might have copied Line. Vietnamese girls looking for foreigners will often have Line because they know 99% of foreigners do not have Zalo. This is the big chat application in Thailand… or so I hear.



Another chat app. All these apps are the same. Viber does not have a social timeline though.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in Vietnam, then you should be ok with just Zalo. I’d still recommend Line and Viber, but it can get confusing if you have too many apps.

Thais like to use Line.

I don’t know many people who use Viber. I’ve met a handful of Vietnamese girls that use it and that’s about it.


  1. It’s 99% hookers on WeChat, thanks to the Chinese fucks who come here and think it’s necessary to pay for sex. Same with Line. Go ahead, turn on your People Nearby feature and see how many hookers hit you up at all hours.

  2. Check out WeChat too. It’s the Chinese (everything app) that blows Facebook out of the water in terms of usefulness. It’s got a people nearby feature too. Southeast Asia’s teaming with Chinese tourists and HCMC’s no exception.

  3. Line is Japanese. Huge in Thailand, Taiwan and of course, Japan. Also huge among the working girl population here in the Gon. Anytime a hot, busty chick friend requests me on Line–a complete stranger–she’s 1000% of the time trying to get paid. And try like hell as I have, there is 0% chance of getting a prostitute to fuck for free here. I’ve tried dozens of times and their response is always the same. It’s like they’ve all attended the same whore sales training seminars…they’re that identical

    1. Most of those accounts are using fake pics anyway.

      I know one American guy fucked a freelancer from Apo Now for free multiple times. Friends with benefits type situation, but that’s he’s the only person I’ve heard that’s done it. Even he was surprised that she never once asked for money.

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