How To Have a Blue Eyed Baby With An Asian Woman

Someone left me a comment asking a perfectly valid question on my “Dating Vietnamese girls” article:

comment question

This is actually something that I have thought long and hard about, so I already have this all planned out…

And no, it doesn’t involve adoption.

Problem: Asians Can’t Have A Blue Eyed Child

So, those of you that passed 7th grade biology should remember a Punnet square. These little square things will predict if your baby will have blue eyes.

Here’s a simple explanation for those of you that failed biology.

If you have blue eyes, then you need to impregnate a woman that has blue eyes to have a 100% chance of having a blue eyed child.

blue eye punnett square

There is a 0% chance of having a blue eyed child with an Asian woman. Your grandchildren might have blue eyes (depending on their partner), but your children will not have blue eyes.

blue eyes

That’s just how it is. Look at the Punnett squares, bro.

Hell, your kids won’t even look like you with an Asian chick (if you’re white). They’ll look Asian with whiter skin, rounder “Asian eyes,” and maybe brown hair.

Most non-Asians would consider them Asian. Most Asians would call them mixed.

Not the best scenario for your kid. Just look at

Anyway, there is a method around this biological conundrum thanks to 21st century medicine.

Solution: The Neo Method

Cost: $50,000

Yeah, it’s kind of expensive. $50,000 isn’t that much money in the grand scheme of things though. I mean, it’s not like this is $500 million or something.

You can probably save $50,000 in 5-7 years if you really focus.

  1. Purchase Eggs from a Blue Eyed Woman

blue eyed woman

Yes. You can literally purchase eggs from a blue eyed woman. It can be done via a brokerage site on the internet.

These brokerage sites tell you everything you would want to know about the woman too:

Height. Weight. Education level. Pictures. Family history. DNA test.

What more information do you need?


  1. Ship The Eggs to a Fertility Clinic in China

The next step is to ship those eggs to a fertility clinic in China.

Yeah, this whole process has to be China for two reasons.

One, your Vietnamese wife/girlfriend can’t easily travel anywhere important (except Singapore) with her Vietnamese passport.

More importantly, there are some moral objections to this…

The Chinese give precisely 0 fucks about morality or anything like that.

  1. Use In vitro Fertilization (IVF) to Place The Embryo in Your Wife

The next step is the fun one.

You go to the fertility clinic with your wife. You jack off into a test tube.

A doctor will take your sperm and manually fertilize the (blue eyed) egg using a microscope and small tools.

This creates a real life embryo, which the doctor will then place in your Vietnamese wife.

  1. Wait 9 Months

9 months later your Vietnamese wife will give birth to a blue eyed baby.

blue eyed baby

And don’t worry about her thinking the baby doesn’t belong to her or anything like that.

The baby was in her womb for 9 months and came out of her.

She will consider the baby her own even though it doesn’t look like her. Her body/brain has no way of knowing that the baby does not genetically belong to her.

Potential Problems

I’m not stupid. This plan sounds good on paper, but it has a few minor problems.

All of these problems can be overcome though.

  1. “No woman would agree to that arrangement.”


I doubt it. There are plenty of perfectly normal Vietnamese women that would agree to this arrangement. You can find them on Vietnam Cupid if you follow my the tips in my last article.

I’ve actually asked a few women about it while on a date. Their eyes lit up when I said they could have a blue eyed baby that looks European.

Don’t know if they fully understood the whole concept, but they didn’t have any objection.

Even if they did have any objection, who cares?

  1. “What citizenship will the baby have?”

The same citizenship as you. Honestly, I’m not sure if the baby would qualify for Vietnamese citizenship since it has no Vietnamese blood.

  1. “Is this legal?”


  1. “How do I explain to my kid that he/she has blue eyes and looks 100% white despite having an Asian mom?”

Absolutely no clue.

5. “Will I have to pay child support to the egg donor?”

No. Just sign paperwork and stuff. She shouldn’t even know who you are if you do it through a clinic.


  1. I don’t believe there is any validity in your assumption that Asian girls can’t have naturally blue eyed kids. My wife is Vietnamese and her parents are Vietnamese and our daughter has blue eyes. I’m an American from Michigan.

  2. Try – for once – to focus your IQ of 150 on what matters: how do you know that you are not lying to yourself?

  3. Here is something you haven’t thought about … in normal fertilization, the winning “sperm” (I didn’t find the right quickly enough) will be selected amongst millions after being deposited inside a woman … the way the one is selected is through evolutionary logic let’s call it … basically … highly likely to be the best amongst those millions … with manual fertilization you don’t get that

  4. Holy shit bro, I found your blog by looking for weed in HCMC but 90% of your posts are just straight up scary. Don’t know what you’re running away from or trying to find in your life but you sure don’t seem to have a healthy relationship to women or people of other than the aryan race. I really hope you will someday realize how dark this chapter in your life is and that you’ll find peace and happiness.

    1. @ Felix – Man, to think all those guys in the military and college I was friends with, who were out having fun, partying, and fucking chicks… turns out they were just running away from something… is that your logic? Live the way you do, or you’re a sad pitiful person?

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