The Different Types of Birth Control in Vietnam

Everyone knows that Vietnam is just one of those places that you can easily find a girl to pork.

Super easy. Just fire up Tinder.

I talk about it a lot on this website. That’s actually like 80% of this site’s content.

However, what doesn’t get talked about is birth control.

This article will cover everything you need to know about birth control in Vietnam. Here are your options:

1. Abstinence

Price: Heavy balls.

Efficacy: 100%

hot girl vietnam

Abstinence is difficult in Vietnam.

2. Condoms

Price: 200k ($8) for a 12 pack.

Efficacy: >98.7%

Condoms are probably the most popular form of birth control for western guys. You can buy Durex, or some other Japanese brand that I forget the name of, at every convenience store.

Durex are slightly more expensive and they feel better. The Japanese brand condoms are awful, which is why Japanese aren’t having sex.

Honestly, condoms just suck. I’ve used them maybe 4 or 6 times in Saigon.

Just not my thing. Hell, I don’t even have a condom in my sex toolbox…

Sex while wearing a condom is not even worth the time and release of masculine energy.

Note: It’s extremely rare to get AIDS from vaginal sex. HIV/AIDS was originally known as Gay-Related Immune Deficiency (GRID), gay cancer, and gay plague. As you can guess, it is most common with gay dudes and druggies (male prostitutes). 

3. Plan B

Cost: Under 20k ($1)

Efficacy: >97%

Plan B, officially known as emergency contraception, is a pill that women take if the condom breaks. It is supposed to prevent the egg from getting fertilized, which means your waifu won’t pop out a hapa baby in 9 months.

You can buy it by going to any pharmacy in Vietnam and asking for: “Thuốc tránh thai khẩn cấp” (Don’t bother trying to pronounce that, just show them the text).

You can also ask for “Postinor.” Again, just show them the text. They’ll know what’s up.

Of course everyone always says, “Plan B isn’t birth control.”

Well, I’m not a dad, so it definitely works.

Anyway, the riskiest part about using Plan B in Vietnam is getting a Vietnamese woman to take it.

The most common objection you’ll hear is, “I not have baby when old if take!”

Don’t worry, with enough convincing you can get a woman to do just about anything. Including swallow a pill.

If you suck at persuasion, then…

Just grind up the pill and slip it in her tea or coffee 😉

4. Pullout Method

Cost: Free

Efficacy: 100% if you know what you’re doing. Probably about 40% if you don’t.

The pullout method is an actual form of contraception.

Basically, right before you’re about to nut you pull out your wee-wee. Just make sure that none of your baby batter gets in her vagene and you’ll be fine.

There are some super important things you should know about the pullout method BEFORE doing it.

Firstpre-cum will not make a woman pregnant.

HOWEVER, you must pee sometime after your previous ejaculation and before sex. The ammonia in your pee will kill all the sperm in your urethra (that’s the tube that your pee goes through). Sperm stuck in your urethra will get in the pre-cum and THAT can get a girl pregnant.

So make sure to pee after ejaculating or the pull out method won’t work. This means going back-to-back with the pull out method can get a girl pregnant… unless you pee between sessions.

Second, make sure to clean your pee-pee and all the jizz on your stomach with disinfectant soap after you have sex. This will prevent any random sperm from “magically” getting into your waif’s vagene.

Finally, don’t blow your load on her bobs or face. Some of these psycho Viet chicks will eat your jizz for extra protein or rub it on their skin to make their skin whiter.

Well that’s not really a problem. It’s actually kind of hot.

The bigger problem is if she shoves your male vitality in her vagene.

Make sure you account for every drop of your baby batter at all times. That shit is like a lottery ticket for these Vietnamese chicks.

5. Vasectomy

Cost: $600-$1000

Efficacy: 100% and permanent

A vasectomy is when a doctor literally burns the tubes in your ballsack that deliver sperm to your baby batter.

This means you will still shoot normal looking loads, but they’ll be blanks since they have no sperm.

Yes, you’re basically fixed like my dog. Though you still keep your nuts so I guess it’s a little different.

Anyway, this whole procedure is pretty cheap everywhere in the world. You can get it done in Vietnam and all over Southeast Asia.

I personally believe a vasectomy is the epitome of emasculation. Just skip the vasectomy and pay me $600 to boink your wife/gf.


6. Blowjobs

Cost: None

Efficacy: Depends on where you blow your load.

So, all these articles talk about condoms and vasectomies, but no one talks about the best contraceptive.


Just get a girl to give you a blowjob. You probably can’t get an STD from it.

The only real risk is that she gives a terrible blowjob.

7. Flee The Country

US Passport Vietnam

Price: Varies

Effectiveness: 100%

If you’ve majorly fucked up… Just flee the country.

There ain’t nothing the Vietnamese government can do about it. Actually, they probably can’t do anything if you stay and don’t sign the birth certificate, but I don’t know so I won’t say anything.

It’s even better if the woman doesn’t know your real name, your address, and doesn’t have a phone number that is attached to your passport.



  1. Do these Vietnamese girls not care if you creampie them like in the Philippines? Filipinos straight up do not care if you knock them up the first night fucking

  2. Ah man, where to begin…

    The morning after pill is very popular here and cheap (around $1.50) Most girls call it ‘the medicine’-i’ve had so many girls after sex say stuff like ‘anh, do i need ‘the medicine?” even when using a condom or pulling out. A lot of viet girls are allergic to latex apparently but who knows.

    One thing i’ll say, working in and around the medical field here is that Hepatitis is a huge problem, and HIV is very undiagnosed and also fairly common. STDS such as HPV and Gonorrhoea are extremely common and becoming anti-biotic resistant. I’ve got a friend who’s had gonorrhoea no less than 6 times here (all from tinder girls he says) The last time he couldn’t get cured so had to fly back to the UK to get a rare mix of antibiotics to treat it. That said even knowing all this i still rarely bag up, crazy.

    1. Interesting perspectives. I’ve never had a girl ask for plan B. They either don’t know, or pretend not to know, what it is when I mentioned it. And then they usually complain that they can never ever have a baby if they take it.

      gonorrohea 6 times… DAMN.

      Yeah I’ll still go raw. Screening out the mega sluts is honestly the best option. I mean, you never do know since they only have to bang one infected guy, but it’s worked fine for me and my friends.

      1. I don’t get what the big hangup about connies is. Of course fucking feels better without one, but damn, the risks are too high IMO. Especially in a 2nd-3rd world place like this where there’s almost no education. Some of these women are dirty, and the men in this country (that these women are banging or have been banged by) are straight nasty. If we’re gonna worry about whether the food we’re putting in our bodies is organic/non-GMO/keto, then doesn’t it stand to reason we don’t want to put other people’s potentially toxic bodily fluids in our bodies?

        1. I’ll update my position here. My biggest hangups were the feeling + cost:

          Durex Ultra Thins feel great though. Can’t really tell the difference. As for cost…. well, it’s probably cheaper in the long term.

  3. Logically, vasectomy is the best move. You can always bank some sperm or just use testicular sperm aspiration (syringe to the nuts) to pull some swimmers out. You either turkey baster it in or make a designer baby in the lab. I recommend the latter so you can give the baby blue eyes :p

  4. You can pick up those XL Durex condoms in the blue pack at your local circle k or big c perhaps. I don’t really like using condoms. The girls are really obnoxious about it even the sluts…

    1. Oh yeah, I’ve had sluts give me resistance when I went to reach for the condom, even though sex was definitely on. With two of them I had to insist on using a condom so forcefully that I thought I might be jeopardizing a notch. Those are the type of women that I keep at arms length and/or discard altogether. Definitely cannot trust those hoes.

      But the ones who insist on a condom…that’s a good sign as far as I’m concerned. She’s conscious of the risk of pregnancy or STDs, both things I’m also very conscious about.

      1. yeah being that resistant to condoms is def a red flag. they either really like condomless sex or want to get pregnant with a white/foreigner guy (more likely case imo). My first bang here was a 26 y/o that insisted I not pullout… no thanks LOL.

  5. Just curious in spite of Vietnam’s supposedly relatively high std rates you are happy with unprotected sex!? What’s your rational for that? Never caught anything?

    1. never got anything. though I do accept the risks. I just give it a good visual inspection, smell test, and go in. I don’t bang hookers/freelancers/gray area/nightlife girls though, so I think my risks are fairly low. If I was more of a nightlife person, then I certainly would.

  6. Condoms are tiny here too. I feel like I’m being suffocated with my cock in a latex vise grip the entire time. But I faithfully wrap it up here and always flush the connie down the toilet after I read an article about how the NBA started advising players to do the same. Lots of paternity suits were due to sluts stuffing the jizz from the condoms in their pussies to get pregnant and get a fat child support check each month. Yet we celebrate single motherhood in the West as some act of courage and bravery. In reality, it’s just hoes being selfish hoes. Fuck the man, fuck the kid. Ho just wants to get hers.

    Also, I would love to know the stats on the usage of oral contraception (not plan B) in Vietnam. I know it’s super low, but I’ve seen advertisements in pharmacies promoting it. And with the middle class expanding and bitches loving cock and all, it’s gonna take off.

    1. Yeah flushing the condom is important too. don’t do it if you have to pay for plumbing though since it’ll clog the tiny pipes.

      I dunno if it’ll take off to the same level as the Anglosphere tbh. Vietnam has the highest abortion rate in Asia (40% of pregnancies end in abortion), so I think that’s the extent of birth control here.

      1. > Vietnam has the highest abortion rate in Asia (40% of pregnancies end in abortion)
        And the second-highest rate in the world. The highest is in Russia (54%).

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