I Banged the Waitress at my Favorite Restaurant


What’s up degenerate readers and escapists?

I have received a request for more sex stories from the fuck jungle known as Ho Chi Minh City.

This story involves the cute 19 year old waitress at my favorite restaurant in Saigon. I love this restaurant more than I love myself….

You can find me there about 3-5 times per week eating dinner with some fuck toy from Tinder. Yes, I eat the same dinner 3-5 times per week.

Anyway, here is the story.

The Meet

I normally take my fuck toys to this restaurant for dinner and then we get down to business. This place has a bunch of cute waitresses in hot shorts. They all give me that smile and wink when they see me on a date with a different girl, but never say anything…

Probably because I make up like 20% of their revenue with how much money I spend.

One day, I’m alone at this spot and one of the cute waitresses, Anh, sees me and laughs.

“No girl today?!” she asks.

“Not tonight sweetie. I sleep alone.”

She sarcastically frowns and does that weeping eyes thing with her hands.

Hmmmmmmmm. Dis bitch looks interested.

The Flirt

We have a nice little conversation, but I mostly fantasized about slamming my tan salami pole between her milky white ass cheeks . She’s a sweet little 19 year old with a great smile, cute laugh, and a little bubble butt. I just want to grab a fistful of that ass and munch on it.

Anh also has a tattoo on her tricep. Any Vietnamese girl with a tattoo is 100% a slut… and maybe a prostitute.


She ends the conversation and scurries back to work. She flashes that great smile every few minutes while doing her work tasks.

I glance over and see her bending over to pick something up off the ground.

I think I’m in love.

The Number

 Ok. I have to do something or forever live with “what if…?” etched in my brain.

My knees get weak. Arms a little heavy. Head a little dizzy.

Yeah, I still get a nervous when opening myself up to rejection by girls. Getting better about this, but still something I need to improve.

I pull out one of my dad’s business cards that I always have in my wallet.

Sorry dad, don’t think I can refer any clients while in Vietnam anyway.

I scrawl the word Zalo on the back and write my number underneath it.

My hands are shaking.

Ok. Time to give Anh my number. I call her over and hand her a 50k Dong ($2.20) note.

“A-a-a-ddd me on Zalo. We get coffee one day” I say as I nervously slide the card into her little white hand.

I’m no Casablanca, but…

Her face turns red. She gives me that killer smile and looks up at me as she jams the card into her tiny shorts pocket.

“I text you when I finish.”


Back Home

I practically skip home with a goofy smile on my face like a total goober. Not because I might get laid, but because I overcame my fear of rejection.

Whatever. First thing I do is hop in the shower and clean my sweaty balls and shave my scraggly week old beard.

Time to get some work done.

Zero work gets done.


My heart skips a beat.

I unlock my phone…

… my brother texted me something about the downfall of Western civilization.


The Text


My ears perk up like a hyena in the Serengeti.

“Anh wants to be your friend.” (Zalo)

I wait to accept to avoid looking like a desperate goober.

Two minutes later…

Request accepted.

I scroll through her Zalo pictures.

Damn. She’s got nice milky teddies too.

I put the phone down.



Why the fuck do Asian girls do this?

I exit out of Zalo and open PornHub. Not slapping any milky white cheeks tonight.


Dammit. I already had a good video pulled up and my pants unzipped.

“i not ride motorbike late at night. it ok i sleep on floor ur apartment hihihihi. sorry.”

Well, OK!

Zips up pants.

“yes it ok. you sleep on couch.”

“ok. where u live?”

I give her my address

The Smash


Five minutes later she’s standing outside my apartment.

We walk in the apartment together and the first thing she blurts out, “No sex tonight.”

Yeah, whatever you say you dumb cunt.

“Maybe,” I say with a smirk on my face.

She smiles at me.

“I take shower?” she asks.

I direct her into the shower, give her a towel, and listen to the water stream out.

All I can think about is grabbing a fistful of that bubble butt when…




“You like?” she asks while giggling.

Her milky white teddies and butt cheeks perfectly bounce as she struts towards the bed. Her dark Asian bush pokes out the side of her panties.

Mmmmm yum. I love an Asian bush.

It takes two seconds for my salami pole to go from soft as a marshmallow to hard as a diamond.

She slides into bed next to me and starts playing on her phone.

I gently put my tan hands on her soft white hips. She doesn’t jerk away.


I pull her milky white ass into my groin, positioning my rock hard salami stick between her ass cheeks.

She doesn’t pull away.

I lean in and kiss her soft white shoulder while massaging her hips and gently thrusting my groin into her ass.

She lets out a little moan

…I’m about to explode.

I rip my pants off and give her milky white ass cheek a hard slap. She lets out a louder moan this time.



She moans even louder.

Fuck. My dick is already pulsing and we haven’t even started. I gotta calm down.

I rip her panties down and her firm ass stays in place. Not knowing what else to do; I dive headfirst into that white ass and start feasting like it’s Thanksgiving. My hands clawing across her soft white ass cheeks.

Nom-nom-nom. Mmmm. Yum. Tastes like shrimp lo-mein.

She moans uncontrollably. Probably the first time anyone has done this to her. Vagina juice drips onto my face and nose. My salami stick softens up a bit and stops pulsing.

Crisis averted.

I come up for air because I’m about to pass out. I lift her leg up and run a finger across her soaking wet love tunnel. My finger enters and I move it around.

Wow, so tight. Time to go in.

I slide my salami stick in without a condom. She has soft love tunnel. It envelopes around my skin like water.

I grab a fistful full of her long black hair and pull her head back as I repeatedly slap her milky white cheeks like an African drummer boy.




Some red marks appear on her ass…

Fuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Her pussy feels great. Best sex I’ve ever had……

Annnndddd then my baby batter erupts into her love tunnel after one minute.

Whatever. I keep pumping away like a piston because my rod is hard like a diamond.

We try every position known to man… And invented a few new ones.

After around an hour I tap out from sheer physical exhaustion.

Before passing out, I hand her some Plan B (always have some in my nightstand) and a water bottle.

“Take. You no want baby,” I say.

“Why you have?” she asks while giggling.

“Don’t worry about it,” I respond as she swallows the pill and I begin to fall asleep.

Just another day…

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