Apple Products Are Highly Overrated

Sup expats. I’m currently chilling in a Saigon coffee shop full of foreigners on their phones or computers.

Every single one of them has a Mac or iPhone.

Every. Single. One.

Well, minus yours truly because of course. I’m chilling with a $500 Windows laptop (running Linux) and a $140 Chinese phone.

Everything works perfectly fine. And I saved a couple thousands dollars.

I call that a solid win. Hold on a sec, let me eat that W:

This article will cover a few reasons why Apple products are super overrated. Quite frankly, they’re a complete waste of money.


First, all Apple products are overpriced. Period.

Anyone that disagrees with me on that… well, you’re wrong and a faggot. I paid $140 for a Chinese phone last year, and that phone still works fine to this day. It’s plenty fast too, which doesn’t even matter for a cellphone. The alleged Chinese spying doesn’t bother me either for one simple reason:

I don’t live in China.

My laptop cost $500. Same story, it’s plenty fast for everything I do on it, which is basically nothing like 99% of people. Writing articles and watching YouTube videos doesn’t require much computing power, you know that, right?

I could probably do everything I need with a rock plugged into a tree – Flinstones Style.

Not “Easy to Use”

This one grinds my gears the hardest. Everyone always says that iPhones and Macs are so easy to use.

Um, what?

Windows and Android is easy to use too. My 88 year old neighbor has an Android phone and Windows computer that he uses to, almost exclusively, forward chain emails. If he can figure out a Windows computer, then your 18-year old ass can figure it out. You were born with a laptop in your hand.

Just move the mouse where you want it. Or touch your finger on an app to open it. It’s not hard.

How the fuck do you find the difficult? Are you literally retarded?

Actually, you probably are because you have an Apple product, but that’s beside the point.

The “muh Apple is easy to use” is nothing more than a cope. I understand that. I’d also be coping hard if I spent $1000 on a cellphone.


  1. I hear ya on the Apple phones!

    I’ve got a Redmi Note 8 Pro (from Xiaomi) and it’s got a 6.5 inch screen, 6GB RAM, 128GB storage, 4500mah battery, and a quad camera array with a 64MB main sensor. And it takes pictures as good as it sounds with decent lighting.

    $240 USD on Amazon. So many of the reviews are Americans who agree that we are being taken to the cleaners with Apple, and even most Samsung phones nowadays.

    1. I have an UMIGI Power that I bought in the US for $130 that works great. Seriously, I only charge the phone every 2-3 days. You can probably find similar phones at Phong Vu or some of the phone shops.

      For laptops, check out Phong Vu. I bought my Asus from there. They even added some RAM to it.

      1. Nice mate, thanks. I will buy that.
        Amazon has many good reviews of the phone.
        What is the exact model of Asus and also the location of the store that you bought it from?

        Cheers and have a nice day.


        1. not sure on the model, but it looks a lot like a Mac Book. I bought it at the D1 Phong Vu. It came with 4GB of RAM, and I had them put an extra 4GB of RAM because it was too slow to play YouTube videos. It’s an i5, too.

          And yeah, the phone is great. The camera kinda sucks, but I don’t take pictures. The battery life is great.

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