Anal “Sex” Is Disgusting

A lot of guys you meet nowadays claim they love it when their girl does anal. Some of these guys will really go crazy when a Vietnamese girl they met on Tinder agrees to anal sex. It’s like they’ve found the Arc of The Covenant or the Holy Grail.

Kind of weird if you ask me. This article will explain why anal “sex” is a disgusting act.

Google ‘Prolapsed Anus’

We’ll start with the most disgusting part of anal “sex” – the prolapsed anus.

I’m not going to post an image of a prolapsed anus because it’s that disgusting. But if you really want to see, then just do a Google Image search for ‘prolapsed anus.’

That’s what happens after putting something in your doo-doo hole. It’s not natural, so you should avoid doing it.

Further, people that have too much anal eventually lose the ability to keep their anal sphincter flexed, which means that they have to wear an adult diaper because they’re always leaking oil… if you catch my drift.

Absolutely disgusting.

What Comes Out of The Anus?

We all know what comes out of the anus – it ain’t pretty. Do you really want that stuff near your wee-wee?

I’ll give you a hint. Sticking your wee-wee in a doo-doo hole can give you a urinary tract infection because the doo-doo goes inside your wee-wee hole.

Not to mention that some of that doo-doo might pop out or end up on your dick.

Here’s a good description of anal “sex.” You’re sticking your penis in a poop tube – using shit for lube – and having the other person jerk you off using their flexed anal sphincter.

That is disgusting.

It’s Kinda Homosexual

What’s the difference between a woman’s butthole and a man’s butthole?

Hint hint, there isn’t one. At all. They’re the exact same thing and presumably feel the exact same. This is why whenever a guy says he prefers anal sex with a female I just look at him like this…

I mean, you’re basically engaging in a homosexual act when you have anal “sex” with a female. The same applies to oral sex too, I suppose. But at least you can see/feel her soft feminine features, so that’s like two steps away from homosexual.

Final Thoughts

Not much more to say. Buttholes are disgusting when you think about it. Why any guy would want to put their penis inside of one is beyond me?


  1. It’s worse since most people don’t know how to clear all the shit out of their anus and thus there most definitely will be pieces of shit in the anus and sticking your penis into it just seems like a horrific idea, it’s not protected by skin, it’s exposed flesh with a hole leading to your testes, do you want to carry the accumulated residual shit of every girl you’ve assfucked inside your tube or your balls? No, I didn’t think so.

  2. You have no idea how awesome anal sex is, especially with a 90 pound Vietnamese girl. First, you’ll feel like you’re completely large and in charge when your rod is buried deep in her tight little ass and she’s moaning like a whore. Second, the feeling is so intensely sexual for both people. Third, when you blow your wad inside her ass, she’ll go crazy, especially if she has a dildo in her pussy while you’re pounding her ass.

  3. I agree, it is disgusting. Even as a gay guy I think it’s disgusting. But the question is, why has it been so normalized? The only reason I can rationalize why it’s been so normalized is because of men’s unwavering desire to fuck a hole. “Gee, it’s tight and warm, let’s fuck that.” Men are piglets

  4. I told you that you would come stumbling back to VN like a toothless whore running from fat feminist witches from the west. Now here you are and these sweet VN women are welcomeing you back with open arms and love and what do you do? Take out your knife and continue stabbing them in the back over and over again like a shameless whore. Have you ever seen the movie the quiet American? Thats where your headed

    1. bruh… I haven’t even been on a date since April, and I haven’t been with a woman since May. I’m back because I can save money lol. Not everything in life is about leching.

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