7 Things You Should Do During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Coronavirus lockdown in a nutshell.

Everyone knows about this moronavirus coronavirus at this point. And yeah, the entire world is basically locked down because this is economic warfare against the middle class the government is our friend and wants to protect us.

Ok, enough of that. Here are seven things you should do during your State suggested Coronavirus lockdown.

Completely Ignore The Lockdown

I’m not recommending that you ignore the lockdown suggestion, but the world isn’t going to end if you go for a walk at the park or don’t wear your mask.

Just saying.

I go for walks every single day. Half the time I don’t wear a mask because it’s hot as balls. Am I dead?

Not yet.

Workout at Home

All the gyms are closed. This means you gotta get creative with working out.

One expat at my apartment spends like 30 minutes walking up stairs as exercise, which is a really great exercise.

Stairs are awesome.

I’m not about that life, though. Instead, I loaded up a briefcase with like 30 pounds of bagged rice, and I swing that around like a lunatic on my rooftop (for the sun, see below) – it’s actually a pretty good upper body workout.

I might not renew my gym membership.

Get Some Sun

Everyone needs sunlight. Humans didn’t ‘evolve’ (lol) to live in a cave. We gotta spend time in the sun or bad things happen.

Really bad things.

And the darker your skin the more time you have to spend in the sun to absorb this magical ‘Vitamin D’ thing.

I like to go for an hour walk everyday to get my daily dose of sun because I have a Mediterranean complexion. Also, you don’t need sunblock. That stuff causes cancer AND it blocks the Vitamin D.

Why would humans get cancer from the sun that we are exposed to every single day?

We should have ‘evolved’ to handle the sun considering it comes out literally every single day. It doesn’t make much sense that it would hurt us…

Sunblock is a marketing scam. Don’t bother with it.

Troll Online Forums

All the retards are freaking about this coronavirus because that’s what they’ve been told by actors in white labcoats. And this makes it a perfect time to troll online for some hilarious reactions.

Fat Americans think an imaginary virus will kill them… even though they weigh 300+ pounds, stuff their face with burgers on a daily basis, and eat chemical garbage (read: junk ‘food’) for literally every meal.

Yeah bro, it’s definitely not the virus that’s gonna kill you.

With that in mind, I enjoy trolling those fatsos during online town hall meetings. My favorite line is calling for a “shoot on sight” order for anyone violating a lockdown.

It actually gets a lot of support.

My call for banning fast-food restaurants and junk food to prevent this extremely deadly virus doesn’t get much support from American rolly pollies… to the surprise of literally no one.

Try it out – it’s a fun way to pass the time.

Figure Out Your Visa Situation

If you need to do a visa run during the moronavirus epidemic, then you’re gonna have a bad time.

I recommend figuring out how you will extend your visa ASAP. Remember, you can’t go to any other country (other than home) because the entire world is shutdown…

This means you’re gonna have to pay a visa agent big bucks to do an in-country extension. Good thing those TrumpBucks are coming through.

The good news is that this virus can’t last forever. In fact, I suspect the restrictions will start to get lifted by the end of April.

Turn Off The News

The best thing to do is turn off your screen. Seriously, you don’t need to spend all day consuming the news…. which is all Coronavirus stuff at this point.

You aren’t going to die of Coronavirus. You probably won’t even catch this novel Coronavirus.

But you might catch Moronavirus.

The best way to avoid Moronavirus is to stop consuming news media. It’s all fake garbage meant to scare you. It wouldn’t surprise me if the US goes to (fake) war with Iran after this virus. Or if ‘aliens’ invade.

An (fake) alien invasion would actually be pretty funny.

Just look at this clown trying to scare you about a little windstorm. Practically no people die from hurricanes. It’s probably safer when they hit because you have literally 0 risk of getting in a car accident since you can’t go outside…

Dating is Dead

I have a girlfriend (probably not for long, but that’s not relevant), so I’m not aware of the dating situation.

However, I see literally no couples hanging out when I go for my daily walk, so it’s pretty safe to assume that dating is currently deader than my hopes and dreams.

The good news is that all the sexpats went home and/or are broke, so the competition will be minimal when moronavirus passes at the end of the month.


  1. “You got crypto?” Nope, but I might later. I prefer gold.

    I talked to a lot of doctors that think it’s a joke b/c they have been out of work for weeks and the hospitals have been empty.

    I agree re. junk food and sunscreen. I NEVER wear sunscreen and I eat pretty well ( low carb/no sugar/etc.) so that I can avoid using our healthcare system. Kind of funny that you said nobody really supported a fast food/junk food ban.. lol 🙂

    Haha yeah, that must be fun to watch. I also love watching people comment about how you “ruined tinder and it’s not the same anymore” LMAO.

    “Meat is good. Beans are awful for you – all that farting is your body not being able to process it” Haha true. I am freezing meat and stocking up on beans. Grocery stores here have been out of chicken some days, so I can’t be too picky.

  2. Yo Neo,

    Are you a currency/crypto nerd??? Anyway, I’m not holding USD after all of this shit I am seeing. Gold/crypto/commodities and I’m buying a 6-12 month supply of food as an inflation hedge. Lots of meat and dried beans. All the libtards and their obsession with money printing and their disapproval of mathematics…..

    I don’t trust the US of A COVID numbers because it’s just a lot of old/unhealthy people dying and apparently hospitals make more money reporting it as wu-flu ( I need to check more but I trust a source that suggested it).

    So sick of all the pawns in the US backing this shit. Govt. is just grabbing more power and it will not give this power up after ( read 911). The DNC has become so weak….

    “Plus I have to hear the ultranationalist dipshit populace croon about how their government is superior for guarding against the fake Mexican beer flu virus.” ( Weitz)……… I agree kind of and I especially hate the pro-China narrative that started to grow this year ( fortunately a lot of countries woke up). Mother fuck Xi and WHO!

    I really see the key to be Vitamin D and a bit of exercise. This allows me to be happy, keep my head down and work, and save a lot of money for the next cycle that is coming.

    That’s about all. Don’t give a shit about the impact on the VN ex-pat scene or dating en general. It’s all a loser’s game.

    I do miss Da Nang though and I hope to be able to do the digital nomad thing in a couple of years.

    Be safe.

    P.S… Check out my website!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hmmm. I think I still have some crypto I bought during that big bull run in 2017. I watched $500 worth of Ethereum turn into $2000 and eventually drop to $220. Gotta find my wallet password now…

      You got crypto?

      . Lots of meat and dried beans.

      Meat is good. Beans are awful for you – all that farting is your body not being able to process it.

      I don’t trust the US of A COVID numbers because it’s just a lot of old/unhealthy people dying and apparently hospitals make more money reporting it as wu-flu ( I need to check more but I trust a source that suggested it).

      Yeah, the hospitals are/were basically empty. Just look at all the Dancing Nurses videos on YouTube. This thing is a sick joke/hoax that most people are too dumb to get.


      I really see the key to be Vitamin D and a bit of exercise. This allows me to be happy, keep my head down and work, and save a lot of money for the next cycle that is coming.

      Hell yeah! Cut out junk food and you’re golden. You also don’t need sunblock. Something that appears in the sky half the day doesn’t cause cancer lol.

      That’s about all. Don’t give a shit about the impact on the VN ex-pat scene or dating en general. It’s all a loser’s game.

      I agree 100%. It’s pretty funny to watch the loser coomers get riled up about their inability to coom during this plandemic, though.

  3. I wish I had gotten stuck in Thailand or Cambodia instead of Vietscam.

    The money grubbing commie ratfucks are charging 150 per month or 400 per 3 months to extend visas while borders are closed.

    Plus I have to hear the ultranationalist dipshit populace croon about how their government is superior for guarding against the fake mexican beer flu virus.

    Id be getting laid more too but these viets apparently work twice as much to afford their fake designer bags and chinese knockoff iphones.

    Its a still a shithole even though most expats got sent back to france uk and us of gay.

  4. I’m an expat in the Philippines. Luckily I live up in buttfuck nowhere and not near Manila, we still got locked down but I just ignore it if I want to go out. Have been going to the beach to do kite boarding. Local police have been around hassling me for going out but I just ignore them and they went away. Seems more bark than bite. Immigration has suspended all Visa requirements, so I’m not going to worry about that for a while. This whole event is going to go down in history as the biggest farce in our lifetime, truly a govt fuck up of epic proportions. If you study the princess Cruise that was quarentined in the beginning it only had a 3.5% death rate, cruises are mostly elderly passengers. Normal death rate is estimated at 0.5%, so the world was locked down for a virus that is similar to the flu. Quarentine is a waste of time can’t prevent they spread, just look at Sweden, no lockdown and same infection rate. Anyways since we are out in the province they are lifting the lockdown tomorrow. Time to live again!

    1. truly a govt fuck up of epic proportions.

      Nah. This was all by design and going according to plan. Funny how every country in the world is on pretty much the exact same timeline.

  5. There are many theories about it. I give 70% to NWO taking control of us,
    20% that they will realize it’s like flu
    10% that qAnon’s theory is right and NWO will be crushed. I need to share with you some facts mate:

    Here’s the answer why so many people died in Bergamo – flu vaccine. There’s a link from the past proving it isn’t fake news.

    **21-10-2019**, 14:37, Bergamo
    “Lo scorso anno sono state acquistate 154.000 dosi di vaccino antinfluenzale e sono state somministrate circa 141.000 dosi di vaccino, di cui circa 129.000 a soggetti di età over 65 anni, con una copertura vaccinale pari al 56,2% – spiega il dottor Giancarlo Malchiodi, Direttore UOC Medicina Preventiva nelle Comunità, Dipartimento di Igiene e Prevenzione Sanitaria, ATS di Bergamo – Quest’anno sono state ordinate 185.000 dosi di vaccino.
    I calendari con luoghi e orari per le vaccinazioni sono in corso di definizione da parte delle ASST e saranno disponibili a breve sui siti delle ASST stesse”.
    **17-03-2020**, 17:08 – Mirror…

    “Britons who get the annual winter flu jab fall into the government’s “high risk” category and should self-isolate, a top medic warns.

    The news comes as the public demand more clarity from the government over who falls into that category, given common underlying health problems.

    Jonathan Van-Tam, deputy chief medical officer for England, told BBC Breakfast this morning: “I don’t want to go into enormous detail into every single risk group but we are saying it is the people who are offered flu vaccines, other than children, who fit into that risk category, people for whom the advice is very strong about social distancing.”

    The flu vaccine is available on the NHS every winter and is routinely given to adults over 65, people with medical conditions and pregnant women, to prevent serious complications from flu like pneumonia.”


    The Italian National Health Institute ISS has published a new report on test-positive deaths:

    The median age is 80.5 years (79.5 for men, 83.7 for women).
    10% of the deceased was over 90 years old; 90% of the deceased was over 70 years old.
    At most 0.8% of the deceased had no pre-existing chronic illnesses.
    Approximately 75% of the deceased had two or more pre-existing conditions, 50% had three more pre-existing conditions, in particular heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
    Five of the deceased were between 31 and 39 years old, all of them with serious pre-existing health conditions (e.g. cancer or heart disease).
    The National Health Institute hasn’t yet determined what the patients examined ultimately died of and refers to them in general terms as Covid19-positive deaths.

    1. Yeah, that Italian source is pretty much what I suspect… or it’s just a reclassification of old people dying of old people things. As you know, old people die more frequently than young people. In fact, I don’t believe there has actually been an increase in deaths in that part of Italy (compared to previous years), but I’d have to reexamine my primary sources on that.

      Of course, this stuff doesn’t really matter to most people.

      “The American people don’t believe anything until they see it on television.” – Richard Nixon

  6. Hey Neo, I was curious about your opinion on something. I was in the process of getting all my paperwork ready to go to Vietnam and teach English… and then the whole world shut down due to Corona. (And because I actually look at the numbers published numbers by health departments and more reliable outlets, I share your opinion, this situation is a ridiculous overreaction but anyway….)
    When this blows over, what do you think the hiring situation will look like when schools start to reopen? Optimistically, I hope it’d be pretty good, with a number of English teachers having left to go home. But I wanted to ask what you may have seen or heard, and your impressions on the ground.

    1. You’re right that a lot of English teachers have left. However, most Vietnamese aren’t earning any income, so they might not enroll their children in expensive English centers when this virus blows over. And things will never be the same post-Coronavirus – think of a post-AIDS, post-STDs, or post-9/11 world. We’ll probably get mandatory temperature checks, ‘social distancing’, mask laws, and other bullshit forever.

      I suspect that cush jobs teaching English in Vietnam will be a casualty of the Coronavirus because tourism won’t fully recover. You could call it an end of an era.

      On a positive note, good timing not coming over here in January or something. It’s not that bad in terms of Coronahoax or quarantine stuff, but you wouldn’t be making any money lol.

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