5 Reasons Why Having a Maid is Awesome

maidYou know what the best part about living in Southeast Asia is?

Banging new girls every week?

No. That is fun though. Check out an article I wrote on the best place online to meet Vietnamese women.

Trying exotic food?


Living in the top 1% of society?

Hell yes.

One of the perks of living in the top 1% of society is having a maid. And yes, I have a maid.

It is awesome. Here’s why:

1. What’s Laundry?

I haven’t done laundry since moving to Vietnam…

Actually, I haven’t done laundry for 99% of my life. My mom did it for most of my life and my American ex-girlfriend did it when I lived with her. Only had to do it for 4 semesters of university.

Anyway, not doing laundry is pretty awesome. My clothes get dirty, I put them in the hamper, on Monday they disappear for a few hours and return clean.

It’s magic.

2. Cleaning Dishes? LOL

Another one that I rarely do in Vietnam. Again, didn’t really do this one back home either.

Not like I have many dishes since I eat out for 95% of my meals. However, my maid cleans the dishes when she comes to clean my room.

This is assuming my date doesn’t clean the dishes. Most dates will clean my dishes, the ones from Vietnam Cupid, so this is kind of a moot point.

Vietnam Cupid Box

3. Mopping the Floor

This is the bread and butter of what my maid does. She stops by 3 times per week with a mop, bucket, and broom.

She cleans all the hair off the floor (I’m bald, not my hair lol) and then she mops the entire floor.

I don’t know what she puts in that formula, but my floor is insanely clean after she leaves.

I can literally see my reflection in the floor.

4. Cleans the Toilet

Another bread and butter thing my maid does.

She cleans the toilet.

This might sound easy, but Asia gives me the most explosive shits. Probably from the street food.

Anyway, the maid scrubs the toilet really good and gets the encrusted shit out from under the toilet lip.


5. Actually Cleans My Room

The most important thing a maid does is ensure that my room stays clean.

All the stuff she does is not that difficult nor does it take a long amount of time. It takes her 20 minutes each visit. That’s about 1 hour each week.

However, if it were not for her, then I just know that I would not be mopping my floor, cleaning my toilet, or folding my clothes.

I’d just put my clothes on the floor. Dump some toilet bowl cleaner in the bowl. And hang my clothes on a hanger. Hell, I don’t even know how to fold a shirt.

Final Thoughts

Having a maid is awesome. She does all the housework that you don’t want to do. It saves you time and trauma…

Just kidding.

But really, it saves you a lot of time and no man likes mopping floors, scrubbing toilets, or folding laundry.

Get a maid. They aren’t that expensive and she may suck your cock if you ask nicely :p

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