5 Reasons Vietnamese Girls Are Better Than American Women

Pretty Asian girl

You’ve heard the rumors. Hell, you’ve probably heard the rumblings from your average middle aged white woman or their eunuch husband. And if you’re like me, then you might have even been called out on preferring Asian girls by a middle aged white woman.

I’ll add a big disclaimer here: I’m not some weeaboo that moved to Vietnam because I have yellow fever. Nor did I ever own a waifu pillow. I have never watched anime in my life. My last girlfriend was an attractive white girl. Hell, I never even watched Asian porn.


To get to the point. Pursuing Asian girls was never my main focus. If I saw a super hot one, then fine but I wasn’t going to seek a Vietnamese girl out…

Until my first visit to Vietnam.

5 Reasons Vietnamese Girls Are Better Than American Girls

1. Submissive

Super cute Asian girl

You can just tell she’s submissive by looking at her.

These girls are submissive. Even the high powered Vietnamese women in nutcrushing jobs, like lawyers and doctors, are still more submissive than their American counterparts. Yes, this applies to the bedroom too. It also applies to your day to day life.

Notice that when you go on a date with a Vietnamese girl that she will naturally walk behind you. She will ask YOU what food YOU want to eat. These girls know that their place as a woman in the relationship is to please their man and have kids. They will not try to compete with you for dominance on a date.

For example, I was eating spring rolls with a Vietnamese girl. Of course my American self does not know how to roll a spring roll. The girl I was with started rolling the spring rolls for me. She probably would have put them in my mouth if I asked.

Time for the American girl comparison. Your America girl will want to wear a pantsuit and crush nutsacks at her cushy HR job. Imagine Ms. Nutsack Crusher on a date. You think she will roll your spring rolls on a date…


She’ll brag about her fancy career and how many nutsacks she crushed at work. And probably try to crush your nutsack.

Do these nutsack crushers even want kids? Hell naw. Kids are expensive and mean taking time off from her their career. One or two cats are good enough for these womyn. Maybe they will get a dog if they’re feeling really adventurous.

2. Caring

Vietnamese girls are warm and caring when they like you or have a use for you. They will be ice cold when they have no use for you.

I texted a girl in my rotation that I was stuck in bed with a cold. She immediately called to ask if she could bring some pho. I hesitated at first because my first thought jumped to waking up in my bathtub with a missing kidney. Figuring that I could handle a 5’0″ and 90 pound girl I said #YOLO and said “sure.”

She dropped it off. So sweet and caring.

I also asked if she wanted to “come up and watch a movie” when she was at the apartment. Of course she obliged to that 😉

Now compare this to telling your normal washed up American slut that you’re sick. They’ll complain about your penis not working!

And then she’ll go on Tinder and find the next white knight schlub willing to suck her toes or whatever guys in America do to get laid.

3. Know How To Cook

This is an important one for me. I have a general idea of how to cook basic manly and high testosterone food like eggs and hamburgers. However, cooking an elaborate meal with 20 plates is above my mediocre skill level. This is where women come into the picture.

Men have hunted the food and the women have cooked it throughout most of human history. Most of us don’t hunt our own food nowadays. The man should earn the money and have his woman buy the food and cook. Vietnamese girls understand this. American girls do not.

Sounds like a fair trade to me. I hate working. If I was a girl, it would make me ecstatic if a wealthy man told me that all I had to do was look pretty, keep my mouth shut, cook meals, and have sex.

Time for the America comparison. How many girls in America even know how to cook?

My mom cooks an amazing dinner everyday, but she comes from a different generation. My American ex-girlfriend only knew how to press buttons on a microwave, bake cookies, and make pasta. Cookies and alfredo taste good, but I can’t eat that garbage everyday for dinner.

4. Skinny

These Asian bitches are all skinny. Even the few fat ones (by Asian standards) are about the same as your average American womyn. I guess a diet of rice, chicken, and soup is good for you. Plus a good dose of fat shaming never hurt anyone.

Meanwhile in America, you have womyn “cooking” microwave food (remember they can’t cook) and downing a bottle of wine with their cat and other single friends. All while proclaiming “Big is Beautiful.”

I hate to break it you (actually I love to), but fat womyn are disgusting.

a4 challenge vietnam

This girl’s waist is smaller than a piece of A4 paper.

5. No Speak English

“How is this a positive?” you might ask…

Great question.

Most guys think they need an “emotional connection” with a woman for a successful relationship. That’s a bunch of bullshit spouted by manginas that wear lavender panties and pink pussy hats. We want hot bitches that meet the four criteria listed above. I don’t care about “emotional connections” or that bullshit.

How do you have deep conversations about heavy topics with my girlfriend?

Uhhhh, you don’t.

If I want a deep conversation about a meaningful topic, then I find a man (that doesn’t wear a pink pussy hat) to drink beers with and smoke cigars. Things just work better that way.


There you have it. A list of five reasons that Vietnamese women show superiority to American girls. Let me know what you think. I really hope this makes you cry. Remember, I am an evil man.




  1. Bro, honestly just found your site. Love the posts! I was thinking about living in Vietnam for a year, while finishing up my master’s degree online. Just got my TEFL cert so I figure I’ll just teach English to pay for my living expenses (I am also pretty economically well off). I bag a decent amount of girls out here in the US, so I’m thinking it should be super easy out there. Anyways, if I do end up going down there I’d love to meetup man. You seem cool as shit

  2. Just love the honesty as a woman. I abstained from men as I did it fine myself sexually and realised that men actually thought this way. Keep telling my Western girl friends and Viet ones the same, to actually take care of themselves as the Knight in Shining Armour doesn’t exist. I love my guy friends, you guys make amazing friends and if you want respect, you just don’t sleep with you. If you want good sex, you want happiness, you want the knight in shining armour, do it to yourself and be just friends with guys. Loving the honesty, love the girls 🙂

      1. Don’t need to, just take the complement, I just wish you guys would come out so we could make the choice, so we either get with you knowing what you really are, or we do what I do and say…….urrrrr no, but still love you guys as company, like I do. I am a guys girl, love you long time, but wouldn’t touch you with a barge pole as I can take care of myself better than you can now feminism has happened and I don’t need you so only have to want you. Its a good thing, congratulations for being part of evolution………………just hope all men become like you and be this honest. You do the world a favour………….keep being honest, as you make me realise I make the right choice (and honestly, you guys are much better friends than gal pals love hanging with my guy pals).

        1. this zara chick has low standards and can’t spell. why else would she be spending her precious time with low-quality omega males who waste their time with cunts like these. it’s called a defense mechanism.

          babe, lemme break it down for you: you think you’re all that because you finger yourself and emotionally string along the weakest of the weak. but the silverbacks of the human world wouldn’t give you the time of day.

  3. Lol this is hilarious, I’ve seen some of your post on fb. Bro you are just a sexpat.

    Kinda sad you know nothing about women. The ones you’ve been paying are only with you for a bit of cash. The regular ones just run away from you.

    1. How cute. I’m a vietnamese girl, and I’ve seen a lot of guys like you. Here’s the thing: I don’t know if you’re trolling or if you’re genuinely this stupid. Let me put it like this: All those things are just stereotypes. I hate to break it to you but you do have yellow fever! You know those racists who starts their sentences with “I’m not racist, but…”? You’re one of them. Don’t be ashamed, though. Because if more degenerates like you reveal your true intentions and twisted fantasy of asian women, we will just understand that you’re an asshole and stay away from white men! Thank you so much for making us realize which creeps to stay away from. Have fun with your asian “friends” while it lasts, because you’ll die alone. A lot of asian girls prefer ambitious men, though. And judging from what I’ve seen you’re just a neet who does nothing but spends his precious time on the Internet fantasizing about us asians. Don’t expect much from us, because we won’t settle down with someone as disgusting as you.

      Sincerely, from a Vietnamese girl <3

      1. I’m a vietnamese girl, and I’ve seen a lot of guys like you.

        why am I not surprised?

        I hate to break it to you but you do have yellow fever!

        No. Fucking. Shit.

        we will just understand that you’re an asshole and stay away from white men!


        “I’m not racist, but…”? You’re one of them. Don’t be ashamed, though.

        I’m racist and not ashamed of it. I’m proud of my heritage.

        Don’t expect much from us

        Trust me, I don’t expect much from women. Only whining and complaining.

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