5 Reasons to Date a Girl That Doesn’t Speak English

There is a huge stigma against dating Vietnamese women that don’t speak English. This stigma is perpetuated by misogynistic white men that come to Asia to fulfill their wild sex fantasies with as many innocent Asian females as possible. Quite frankly, it’s abusive.

Neo MASTURBATES WITH SANDPAPER at the thought of men abusing these poor women because Neo feels he must inflict pain on himself to equalize the imbalance in the Gaia.

Yeah, Neo knows the women are having fun with BIG WHITE COCK (BWC), which makes it more unequal. And one of the most disgusting things he’s participated in in his life.

As a recovering misogynist, cis-gender, BWC, male with a bad case of yellow fever, Neo finds the stigma against poverty stricken Asian women that can’t speak English extremely appalling despite most of them having a nicer motorbike and phone than Neo…

But Neo digresses. Here are 5 reasons to date a Vietnamese girl that doesn’t speak English.

(Usually) Hotter

hot girl vietnam

The most important reason – Asian sluts that don’t speak English are usually hot af. A few ugly ones obviously slip though every now and then…

Which is why I like to carry dog treats on my person at all times – it gives the ugly women something to chew on.

For the most part, though, they are usually much more attractive than their English speaking counterparts that date foreigners.

Trust me, that’s how it usually works out.

They (Usually) Cook For You

So, I briefly dated a Vietnamese woman that didn’t speak A WORD of English.

She always brought food with her every time she came over for some wild monkey sex 1-on-1 English lessons .

Food that she cooked.

That girl also constantly mentioned, via Google Translate, how much she liked cooking and how she always wanted to cook for me.


This makes perfect sense. She couldn’t have a deep conversation with me about redecorating my room, so she had to compensate in other ways. Unfortunately, this 21 year old woman had titties that were indistinguishable in shape and size from small papayas.

I hate papayas.

Back on point, what guy doesn’t like a woman that can cook?

More Submissive

asian girl date

Vietnamese that learn English usually learn it by watching movies. This means that they are exposed to constant feminist programming.

Feminist programming that tells them they are more powerful than men. Some women take this too far and think they can tell Neo what to do. Neo believes that women should spend their time browsing catalogs and redecorating… not telling him what to do.

Vietnamese women that don’t speak English don’t have that problem because Asian women are naturally very submissive.

They Do Anyting You Want

sad ex

As mentioned previously, these women can’t communicate with their partner.

If you can’t talk to her, then what does she have going for her?

  • Sexy
  • Cooks
  • Good sex


The college girls that don’t speak English are the sweetest women you’ll meet.


Have you ever woke up to an English speaking Vietnamese woman with her lips around your benis?

Yeah, Neo hasn’t. It only happened with a woman that didn’t speak A WORD OF ENGLISH.

Just sayin’

Easy To Ignore

Do you like listening to women complain?

If you said yes, then you are, in fact, A LIAR. Nobody on Earth likes listening to women complain. Not even other women.

Unfortunately, I find it very difficult to tune out a woman complaining in English.

However, not reading Google Translate when a non-English speaking woman complains is easy.

Extremely easy.


  1. That’s why I chose to live in failipines. Most of the fuckwits here can speak a bit of English. Too much work to learn another language. Easier to shag a Filipina then ordering a pizza.

  2. Dating a girl that doesn’t speak English has its benefits. However, you miss out on the perks of having an assistant.

    Is there a way to have both? Perhaps a paid English speaking assistant a few times a week to assist you with the minor expat annoyances and a non-English girl to care of domestic tasks? An added benefit of separating the roles is that you won’t lose your assistant whenever you have a break up.

    If you get a good assistant she can even help you post an add for a nice non-English sugar baby 😉

    1. haha I like it.

      You’re right, though. The biggest drawback of a non-English speaker is that you don’t have a translator/tour guide. Most of my problems are pretty self-explanatory (delivery, ordering food, etc.), so I don’t need a full blown translator. Just a Vietnamese person that isn’t going to fuck me over.

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