5 Reasons Not To Get A Tattoo (in Asia)

Tattoos are stupid. Despite this objective fact, people keep getting tattoos. Almost every white expat in Southeast Asia has a tattoo.

Yes, it’s a very boomer-esque position to hold.

Don’t care. Here are five reasons you shouldn’t get a tattoo.

Note: Women don’t care about tattoos one way or the other. A liberated (very important point) woman will fuck anything that moves. Elaborated here.

1. Lower Employment Prospects

This is probably the biggest reason not to get a visible tattoo.

They lower your employment prospects. I don’t need to cite any sources on this. Everyone knows this is true. It’s especially true in Asia.

And Asians really hate tattoos because…

2. You Look Like a Crook

Tattoos are strongly correlated with criminality. You won’t find many tattoo-free prisoners in a medium or maximum security US prison.

They don’t cause criminality, but that doesn’t matter.

People still associate tattoos with criminals. This applies to every significant culture in the world.

Do you want to associate yourself with criminals?

3. Getting Them For The Wrong Reasons

Most people get a tattoo for the wrong reason. There is exactly one acceptable reason to get a tattoo:

  • You’re in a fraternal organization where a tattoo is common (sailor, Marine, firefighter, gang, prison, etc.).

Those organizations don’t make you get a tribal tattoo or some dumb artwork either. You get a tattoo of their coat of arms or their logo. And that’s only after you’ve been initiated into the organization.

If you’re just the average 24 year old guy that works as a cog in some faceless corp, smokes weed 24/7, or whatever the hell 24 year old guys do, then it’s stupid to get a tattoo.

Are you going to tattoo the Amazon smile on your body? A marijuana leaf?

Of course not. You’re going to get a “unique and special” tattoo.

4. They’re Overplayed

The real reason people get a tattoo is that it makes them feel unique and special AND they want to show off how rebellious/tough they are for having a tat. No one will tell you that, but that’s obviously the underlying reason men get a tattoo.

Tattoos aren’t unique, special, tough, or rebellious though. Any idiot can pay $39.95 to get a tattoo. 16 year old women get tattoos all the time.

Don’t believe me?

Go to any major metro or college campus in the US (outside of Utah) and count how many people have tattoos. It’s going to be a lot. It’s easier to count how many non-tattooed people you see.

How many expats in Southeast Asia have tattoos?

Just about all of them. Again, it’s easier to count the non-tattooed expats here. I know 3 (including me).

Even my ex-girlfriend’s 67 year old grandma has multiple visible tattoos on her arm (really stupid ones too: our home state (not Texas), a heart, a gun, and some initials). She didn’t get them when she was young either.

She got them for her 60th birthday.

Yes, a literal grandma drove to a tattoo parlor to get some sick tats.

That’s how overplayed tattoos are in the 21st century.

5. More Difficult To Find A “Good” Girl

First, there is no such thing as a good girl. All women are degenerate sluts that will fuck farm animals. The only difference is that a good girl has a strong paternal influence that will disown her for being a dumb slut.

These paternal figures don’t want their daughter to marry/date a tattooed man (see point #1 and #2). Asian society still (generally) has a very strong paternal influence. They don’t want their women marrying criminals.

So if you want a good girl, and everyone wants a good girl, don’t get a tattoo. If you already have a tattoo and want a good girl, then get really rich and her family won’t care. Actually, get really rich even if you don’t have a tattoo.

Money will solve all your problems.

Good Tattoo Alternative

Get a scar.


Scars don’t lower your employment prospects or make you look like a criminal. No real downside of a scar.

Bitches love scars since they make you look tough. They aren’t overplayed either. It’s not like you can go to a scar parlor and pay $40 for a scar.

Everyone knows you earn scars.


  1. As much as many claim a tattoo portray a no regrets type of mentality , but in actual fact it reflect that the person can’t see very far in life or rather short sighted.

    Once a guy who had tattoo all over he arms gave me a cock stare, expecting me to look away. And when I didn’t he turned around and walk towards me with the wtf are you looking at. And I replied you, cause you look really stupid with all that tattoo.

    And I took a step back and move my jacket slightly to the side to show him I am carrying a loaded firearm. I told him he better turn around instead or i will shoot in both knees and then call the cops and claim it was self defense against him trying to rob me.

    You should have seen the look on his face when he saw the gun. Tattoo don’t scare people anymore but a loaded gun still does, it’s 2019 so grow up.

    1. move my jacket slightly to the side to show him I am carrying a loaded firearm. I told him he better turn around instead or i will shoot in both knees and then call the cops and claim it was self defense against him trying to rob me.

      Funny story. I wouldn’t recommend this in the US though.

    2. Anybody who needs to pull out or flash a piece needs to grow up. You’re willing to put somebody in a wheelchair or worse kill someone over something as idiotic as wanting to fight? That’s just an ignorant and childish way of thinking. This tells me 2 things about you. You’re incompetent as a man to handle things in a non-aggressive way and you are definitely not the right type of person to have a gun in the first place, especially if you’re going to be flashing it at every inconvenience. I guess my main point is, what is it like to be a clown? Because honestly, I can’t relate.

  2. HIV is another good reason. I wouldn’t trust anyone in SE Asia to not just poor the ink back into the bottle after they’re finished in order to save a buck.

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