5 Awesome Legal Things in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country with good laws that make lots of sense, unlike the “land of the free” that is full of terrible laws meant to humiliate you or extort money out of you. This article will cover some things that are legal, or de facto legal, in Vietnam. You probably wouldn’t expect these if you’ve spent too much time watching US propaganda.

1. Marijuana

Marijuana is one of those things that’s de facto legal in Vietnam, at least for foreigners. You literally can’t walk on Bui Vien without getting multiple offers to buy marijuana.

You can even smoke marijuana in most establishments that cigarettes are allowed. Seriously, no one stops you. Most people in Vietnam, including the police, don’t even know what marijuana smells like.

Vietnamese police don’t arrest people for minor crimes, either. Hell, they don’t really arrest people all that often.

You can’t say the same about US police…

Check out my guide to purchasing marijuana in Saigon.

2. Prostitution

Yet another de facto legal thing in Vietnam. About half the establishments on Bui Vien are brothels masquerading as massage parlors, which is awesome. The places on Bui Vien suck though.

The real action is in the suck shops – you can get sucked off for 400k.

Anyway, prostitution is actually a good thing. Women don’t get uppity when their man can get sucked off whenever he wants.

Before anyone chimes in about human trafficking, the girls aren’t trafficked. They just want to make more money for their family. Or they want a new iPhone and motorbike.

Now, go change out your buttplug and GTFO my site.

If you’re not into prostitution, you can check out my guide on Vietnam dating.

Vietnam Cupid Box

3. Mob Justice

Seeing some jackass thief get up by an angry mob gives me a tingly feeling every time I see it happen. No joke, if a snatch-and-grab thief gets caught in the act here, then an angry mob attacks them.

The police may even dish out a government-sanctioned beatdown when they come to arrest the crook.

Also, no one innocent goes to jail, gets sued, or has their life ruined by the media.

Land of the free, what a fucking joke…

4. Smoking Anywhere

The US has basically outlawed smoking outside your own home. Yet another dumb US law. I can think of worse things than cigarettes that the US government promotes to children: McDonald’s, porn, GMO food, and homosexuality.

Frankly, the Vietnamese government doesn’t oppress its citizens nearly as much as the US. Of course, an American would respond to that statement with some gibberish about the Constitution, guns, faggots, and child trannies.

5. Prescription Drugs

Vietnam has legal prescription drugs like the US. However, in Vietnam, you don’t need a prescription to purchase the drugs.

You simply tell the pharmacist what you want… no prescription required. I love this system. The US model sucks.

Everyone with a functioning brain, so 0% of Americans, knows that the US prescription model doesn’t exist to protect the American public. It exists to make doctors wealthier. Period.

Just follow the money!

US doctors will write a prescription to anyone that walks in the door and complains about something.

Why do you think US pharmaceutical sales reps make so much money?

Note: Prescription drugs are literal poison, but that’s a topic for another post.

Final Thoughts

The US has such a corrupt system. The whole thing is rotten straight to the core, likely from day 1. However, Americans can’t see any of this due to the intense brainwashing they have endured.

Poor them.

Yes, the US has brainwashing. The brainwashing propaganda is so intense, pervasive, and effective that it’s invisible. That’s what makes it effective, idiot. Wading through all the propaganda requires training and/or inside knowledge…

That’s why I always laugh whenever a dumb American, or European, self-righteously talks about “oppressive” third world countries that brainwash their populace.

But then I die on the inside…


  1. Do you have the specific address as to where to get the prescription drugs here without prescription?
    Places I’ve been to tel me they don’t have the drug, (e.i. Fentanyl, oxy, etc)

  2. No 1 & 2 not legal at all. its smuggle.
    and please tell me, how american guys & gals big like a elephant could possible die cause american flu?
    funny right?
    may be they are to big, too huge, too giant.. not so petite as we are!

    1. 1 & 2 aren’t legal, but those laws aren’t enforced, which makes them de-facto legal.

      And yeah, Americans are (generally) fat and disgusting, but I don’t know what that has to do with anything in this post lmao. You crack me up sometimes.

    1. Nah. But I do have a group of Vietnamese guys trying to get me kicked out of the country and DDoS the site. They also send me death threats on a weekly basis.

      They’re a bunch of weenies that probably won’t do anything in real life, but it’s mildly concerning.

      I can’t really blame them, though. In fact, I’d say they’re justified in being mad at me.

      Just part of the game.

  3. I can’t agree about going to the prison for being innocent. They jail people for being against government. Against communism. If you’ll wave the old good Saigon flag at the protest you’ll get few years of prison for that.

  4. Hilarious. Sly wit, the whole nine, Very entertaining.

    I still am planning to come out that way regardless of how shitty the visa situation gets (If I gotta teach a class once a week for a good visa..so be it) for many of the sentiments you stated so hilariously and yet truthfully. More of a “Wild West Vibe” in some regards as opposed to the very heavily regulated, gyoncracy of the west.

    1. Oh yeah, it’s definitely more Wild West out here. Just don’t be a total dumbass and you’ll be fine. Much freer than the US/Europe.

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