4 Ways To Get Dumped By A Vietnamese Woman

Sup expats.

This is one of the biggest problem in Vietnam and Asia as a whole.

Goober expats come to Asia in search of a cute Vietnamese waifu because they believe Vietnamese women are subservient and will never leave them and white women suck


That’s been covered on this site multiple times:

7 Signs You’re Vietnamese Women is a Slut

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Vietnamese women are still women (most of them, at least), which means she will dump you if you don’t treat her right.

And by right, I mean like a dirty little slut.

With that in mind, this article will cover some guaranteed ways to have your Vietnamese wife/girlfriend dump you. These tips actually apply to all women because…

All Women Are Like That (AWALT).

Listen To Her Problems

I’ll let you in on a little secret about women.

They don’t care if you actually listen to them. Women literally talk to animals for fucks sake.

They just want to move their mouth, have sounds come out, and things with ears pickup those sounds – the actual listening part isn’t too important to them.

Fortunately, 95% of women have nothing interesting to say about anything*.

However, they do love it when you put a gag in their mouth. Just keep that in mind if you don’t want to listen to them move their mouth.

*Most guys don’t have anything interesting to say, either. But this blog has a misogynistic editorial line.

Talk Too Much

Remember how I said women just want to move their mouth and don’t care if anyone is listening?

Yeah, they also don’t care about really listening to what you have to say.

That said, you can converse with them. But don’t talk more than her.

The one thing women hate more than anything is a guy that doesn’t shut the fuck up.

With that in mind, I like to keep my conversation percentage to a solid 80%/20% with women. And all questions are answered with non-sequitors that don’t make any sense nor do they answer the question.

My favorite answer to every question is “maybe” or pretending to fall asleep.

“Where you from?”


“Do you love me?”

Close eyes and begin obnoxiously snoring.

“What you look for on Tinder?”


“What your job?”


You get the point. Women don’t want a logical conversation because they aren’t logical creatures.

Girls, just wanna have fun

Be Boring

Remember how Cyndi Lauper said that women just want to have fun?

Yeah, that means they don’t want to date a boring guy. It doesn’t matter if you are, in fact, a boring guy – all you have to do is create drama with her.

If you aren’t creating drama, then she will create drama herself. Women LOVE drama. Look at the TV shows they watch or books they read.

And trust me on this one, you don’t want women to create drama. Her version of drama is Facetiming you while she’s sucking some guy’s dick.


Thankfully, it’s easy to create drama. Here are some examples:

  • Vaguely answer questions.
  • Disappear for a few days without telling her in advance (my Vietnamese ex texted my mom when I did this… LOL).
  • See her messages without responding.
  • Place long hairs that aren’t hers on the bed.
  • Tell her she’s fat or ugly (great one).
  • Call her by the wrong female name.
  • Talk about the hotness of your ex.
  • Fuck her mom.

If she confronts you about any of the drama you create just smile and call her cute.

Women will then run wild with potential storylines about what you’re doing and if you really love them.

You’re living rent-free in her mind at this point. It creates a lot of attraction living rent-free in someone’s mind.

Chumps that actually listen to what women say truly believe women will dump men for this behavior (lol) – they won’t. They crave this behavior.

It’s a drug to them.

Also, women only dump men for being boring cucks AND only when they have another guy lined up (monkey branching) because they hate being alone.

Women never dump men that create this much drama.

Argue With Her

There’s saying about women:

You’ll never win an argument with them.

And it’s true, you won’t. You logically explain stuff to them and it just goes in one ear and out the other.

And somehow, it’s always your fault that she sucked some guy’s dick.

Yeah, it doesn’t make logical sense to me, either.

Actually, it does because Neo knows that women aren’t logical creatures and that the entire known universe revolves around her.

With that in mind, don’t argue with her. This is where Neo likes to do what the average chump calls “emotionally manipulate” women, which goes against Neo’s autistic tendencies.

Basically, it involves the point above about using non-sequiturs and obnoxiously snoring whenever the potential for an argument comes up with a female.

Trust me, this works better, and is way more entertaining, than a yelling match – I’ve tested this out a few times.


  1. lol that Neo is getting not only angry Western and Viet women and Western beta chodes leaving temper tantrum comments on his blog but also angry sexpats too. I guess the fact that everyone hates on his takes is a sign that he should keep up the good work.

  2. Or you can stop being a little cuck in Vietnam and get a location independent income and go Thai or Philapeens.

    Vietnam is for whipped ESL cuck fags that love singing ABC to 4 years old for 12 hrs a day then go home browbeaten to some ‘4’ from Mekong Delta with a skinny frame that’s always raising her voice to you. But then you smack the shit out of her and she just doubles down.

    1. I am location independent. Average Vietnamese chick looks better than the average gorilla faced Thai or Flip.

      Still not understanding this “Vietnamese women suck” meme. I think it’s just guys that are cucks and won’t admit it.

      1. Not just the girls but I dont like living in crappy 20 sq ft rooms in share houses for $800 a month and I dont like crawling out of bed every 3 months to traverse the country in a smelly bus to cross the Cambodian border to get grifted by guys in green .

          1. LMFAO

            Yeah ur right. It’s not good for people who dont like getting scammed. Or people that like getting value for money. Or people that like getting laid more than half a dozen times a year without using blowjob bars lol.

      2. Absolutely right. I’m not impressed with the average look of the women in Thailand, Philippines, and even Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar for that matter.

        Vietnam is consistently the best in southeast Asia. Malaysia has some hotties too (mostly Chinese, Indian, Persian etc) its just a more expensive country (but still great value when you consider how its borderline 1st world in Kuala Lumpur and Penang).

        1. Khmers and Laotians look worse than Thais – great personality imo. Phils is a mixed bag, but most of the girls foreigners are banging are… yeah, not the best looking women. I guess if chubby Asian midgets is your thing it’s cool lmao.

          I’ve heard good things about Malaysia. But I actually like the 3rd worldness of Vietnam. It’s a good mix of developed and 3rd world. It’ll be a shame when HCMC turns into Bangkok in ~20 years.

        2. The hot Vietnamese women are massage, spa, promo girls or plastic surgery chicks. Most foreigners don’t pull anywhere near this quality.

          It’s usually some lanky dork with a short darker chick. There are some cute Vietnamese millennial women but as usual they dont date whitey and take numerous dates / headaches to bed lmao.

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