1. This blog is top shelf comedy. Love it! Do you have any other channels out there on the social medias?

    1. 1: I’m not Jewish.
      2: Nero was responsible for the destruction of the Second Temple, so I highly doubt he was Jewish (assuming he even existed – I think a lot of history never actually happened). Brush up on your Roman history, bro.
      3: It’s Neo not Nero.
      4: What does this have to do with anything?

      1. Hey Neo, What platform did you use to create / host your site? Love your content, thinking about doing something similar.

      1. I thought you said you were making a few hundred bucks before Covid from affiliate links. If that’s not money to you, I’ll give you my bank acc no.

        1. It’s nice to have a few hundred from affiliate links, but the site wasn’t started to make money.

          It sucks now that it’s not making anything lol.

  2. Which service apartment you recommend the most. I did read your guide on finding a apartment.
    Also is there any paperwork involved?

    1. you just sign the contract and pay the deposit + 1st month. I don’t have any recommendations since it depends on what you want, but make sure it has 24/7 access without a security guard.

      1. I’m looking for long term. 9 month – 3 years. Also where to find a apartment without security guard because I like to bring girls or guest to my place

        1. 3 years?!? I wouldn’t sign a 3 year contract. too risky. Just go to the Facebook groups for housing for expats and post your requirements (room, district, serviced, no security, price, etc.). you’ll have over 50 people message you. You can also use chotot.com with a Vietnamese friend helping you, but I haven’t had much luck with that.

          All the big highrises will not have a security guard, so I’d recommend those if they fit your budget. D7 has a lot of nice ones (Luxcity, Golden Star, anything in Phu My Hung, etc.) and then there’s Vinhomes, The Manor, and Masteri. The only problem is they aren’t serviced. Every district has serviced apartments though, so pick your location and then find an apartment. D1, D3, Phu Nhuan, and D2 are gonna have a lot of serviced apartments aimed at expats.

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